Mr. Controversy converses about “Love Like This” by Sylvia Hubbard

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Love Like This by Sylvia Hubbard

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Disclaimer:  For those who are interested in reading “Love Like This,” PLEASE BE AWARE that there is material that is unpleasant and hard to swallow (profanity, incest, racial slurs, rape, physical, mental, and emotional abuse).


Avid Reader Review stated that, “Sylvia Hubbard is one of the best Authors I’ve ever read!” 

Seeing this statement on the front cover of her book got me thinking, “Hmmm. Let’s see if this statement is true….”


The very beginning of the book where Ms. Hubbard’s information is found, she informs her readers in here Author’s Notes that:

“Originally, this book had Renaldo Bellini as Ethan’s attorney, but that was an author’s mistake.

It’s Lorenzo, who is Taylor Bellini’s best friend and law partner to Armando Bellini. Now if that is confusing, then you need to read The Other Side of…

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