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A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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Wicked Chances (c) 2012 Sylvia Hubbard

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Chapter 2

Even though the water was cold, she still took a full bath. Chilled to the bone, she went out in the winter winds of Motown and caught the bus to Midtown. Beside some new apartments, there was an older style home behind a brewery. The smell of oats cooking was in the air and she hurried down the alley. According to the instructions there would be some steps that led down into a basement green door that would be unlocked.

Entering into the basement, she found a large black man just standing there with a thick black beard. He had on a dark brown turtle neck and some matching pants with black Timberlands.

“You B?” he asked.

She wanted to correct him, but decided against it and just nodded.

His dark eyes looked her over from head to toe before he motioned for her to follow him through another door that led down some more steps. Checking his Movado watch, he said, “In about thirty minutes, you gonna take all your clothes off and put on this blindfold.” He pointed to a cold silver table that was situated on a raise and lowering mechanism underneath. “Lay down on that table and no matter what you feel or hear, don’t move.”

She shivered in fear. “Am I going to get hurt?”

He narrowed his eyes. “I thought they told you not to ask any questions.”

Crinkling her nose at her mistake, she just nodded.

“I gonna lock this door behind me so you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your shit and no one ain’t gonna come in here while you on that table.”

She wondered why she had to do all this, but she remembered the no ask question reminder. Thankfully she had warned her son she would be back late, but promised him things would be a little better by tomorrow if he just bared with her.

Ray Junior had only nodded and stuffed his second tuna sandwich in his mouth.

When she was left alone after hearing the lock turn when the big guy left, she saw the room contained absolutely nothing. The floor was even empty except for a rug underneath where the table sat. Upon closer inspection, she saw the footing of the table was very sturdy and she wondered just how far the table could lift. She was dying to know what happened in half an hour.

Fifteen minutes later, she heard feet shuffling above her head. Someone was speaking, but it was all muffled. Yet Blair heard the words, “Welcome,” “Show” “Performance.”

Just like the man said, she removed her clothes. The room was semi-warm, but goose bumps still appeared on her very light brown skin. The silver table was even colder, but since she was so used to being cold all the time, Blair quickly acclimated to lying there.

The blindfold had Velcro on the end and she could not see a thing. She forced herself to relax and started thinking of the times when Ray Seniors friends would just lie on top of her and “do their business” and she wouldn’t move or even acknowledge they were there. She had learned to go into her own head and pretend she was somewhere else.

Yes, she was good at removing her mind from her body and when the pain or the horrible experience was over, she would take a long hot shower to scrub away the memories, the shame and the stupidity she had gotten herself in.

Now, she was in another situation just like that, except at least she would make some kind of money from it. Curiosity was killing her to know, what could happen to her for eight hundred dollars?

A creaking nose and the table begin to move. Blair had a feeling she would soon find out.


The table was lifting! Even though Blair couldn’t see a thing, she could feel herself being lifted, but forced herself to stay calm. Those many nights with Ray Seniors’ friends in a dark room had fully prepared her to stay still, stay calm and stay quiet; The more quiet she was the better chance she had for them to leave her alone quicker.

“Is she alive?” a voice asked. “Or is she dead?”

There were murmurs all around her, but she couldn’t see a damn thing. Laying still she trusted her ears to know the murmurs were deep – Men. Mostly men, she believe surrounded her. Were they looking at her naked body? Should she feel ashamed?

The room was colder than the other room, but she refused to move or even shiver. She had enough control to fight it all away and just lay there calm.

“Who would like to touch her?”


Despite this surprise question from “the voice” Blair didn’t move. She took long slow breaths so her chest hardly moved.

A warm hand touched her shoulder, but quickly moved away.

“She’s dead!” a woman exclaimed. “She’s cold.”

The other voice sounded amused. “Now watch and enjoy!”

Blair could tell some lights had dimmed through the blindfold and the room seemed to become startling quiet.

Something came under the table to secure it firmly and then Blair felt a warm presence move very close to her. A hand touched her face, caressing her cheeks and running their fingers from her forehead, over her eyes, nose, and even over her philtrum before taking a moment to run the tips of their fingers over her lips.

These were man fingers. She could tell by the thickness of them and the strength behind them.

Those hands moved to her chin, neck and shoulders. He lifted her arms and released them. She didn’t stop her arms from flopping back down as if she were dead.

No one had ever done this to her before. She was curious to see where this would go while maintaining her composure.

The strong hands moved over her arm and down to her fingertips. After doing the other arm, when he moved back up, his hands ascended to her breast. He cupped them and then felt around the nipples. She knew she couldn’t help the hardness that appeared, but she still maintained calmness as he gave her breast ample amount of time.

She pushed her mind away from his hands as they moved even further down her body. If she paid attention to what he was doing she would definitely begin to move. Blair thought about her babies and how the money she was going to do with the money they gave her.

Unfortunately, she could not ignore when he moved over her. He was naked! He kissed her face and neck and even sucked on her breast hard!

Go away! She ordered her mind, but was clearly aware of his manhood resting between her legs, which he had spread apart.

Should she fight? Should she scream? Should she stop?

Blair did neither of these, but her heart was racing and she was glad he was on top of her because the others around her would see the panic.

His manhood was hard and his hands moved behind her posterior to slightly raise her. He pressed his manhood against her crevice and just rubbed up and down becoming harder and harder.

She used every mind control trick in the book to maintain her limp composure and not react to anything he was doing. He pulsed between her legs and she was aware as he became full enough to rub against her thigh as well as her womanhood, he was wearing a condom.

Relief filled her even more as he rocked his body hard against hers but did not enter her.

He panted and huffed and finally released himself.

She held her breath as he rose from her and moved off the table; Getting away from her body as if he were just discarding her. Not moving, she couldn’t help as a single tear ran down the side of her face from the shamefulness of the whole situation.

The room erupted in voracious applause as the table began to descend.

Even when the table stopped moving, she still didn’t move from where she was at. Terrified of losing even a little bit of the money, she wanted to obey every order she had been given.

A lock clicked and heavy footsteps came to her.

The blindfold was snatched off her face.

It was the big man from before. “Get up, put your clothes on and get in the cab. It’s already paid for,” he ordered. “Hurry the fuck up.”

She got up from the table quickly and ran to her clothes to at least cover herself from him.

He came over to her and handed her a wad of money. She didn’t dare count it but watched him as he walked to the doorway.

Just before he was about to leave out, he stopped at the doorway, looked back at her and said, “Good job. I put an extra in there cuz you did a good job. Next time though if you get called back, don’t cry.”

He closed the door and left out.

She didn’t know if she wanted to get called back.

Quickly dressing, she went to the door – it was unlocked. J

Getting up the stairs, there was a yellow cab waiting for her. The big guy was nowhere to be seen and neither was anyone else. Jumping in the taxi, she gave the cab driver the address to the Laundromat because it was just down the street from where she stayed.

Getting out the wad of money, she kept it low and counted each bill carefully.

Eleven Hundred Dollars?!

Holy Shit!

She counted the money twice and then started to cry.

And if they contacted her again? Wait?! How could they contact her?! Oh shit!

Sitting back in the seat, she wondered what she should do next.

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  1. Sylvia…. You are a wonderful writer! You know how to keep your audience engaged. You always leave me wanting more. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

      1. I’m working on that Jac. This is a live copy you’re reading so it’s right out of my head. thnks for the heads up. I’m also getting a lot of my other works re-edited. New versions of LoveLikeThis, Stealing Innocence, Mistaken Identity, Dreams of Reality will be available now or very soon!

  2. I’m excited about where this will take me. I’m loving the fact that Nicole & Nona are in it so I know Ethan & James couldn’t be far behind. Shadow (Zilla) has me excited too. I’ve read a ridiculous amount of your books & I love them all. I was just hoping for a difference in the Heroine this time. However, you still got me hooked to keep reading. The blindfold reminds me of The Mysterious Mr. Black (which I loved)

    1. (SMILING) Blair is strong on her own at the beginning of the story. she’s tired of being tired and she’s not playing ignorant, although her innocence about life can’t help but come to the surface. i like that about her.

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