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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Action scenes in my book are more difficult to write than love scenes. I guess because I’ve always been good at love scenes, but action… sigh… I see it just like I see love scenes but describing what I see in words is difficult. 

I would say I just have to feel it but that would mean I’d have to go out and get my butt kicked huh? LOL


Chapter 18 (full chapter)

“Well, remember when I said I accused Phoenix living vicariously through Pholsom? I think it’s a shared thing. Pholsom said since they were young they’ve always felt close as if one person when they’ve shared toys, then clothes and then women. Unfortunately, no woman would ever accept the idea of being with both of them for a long period of time, but their heart have never been in the pursuing until… well, until you.”

“I can’t do that!” she exclaimed. “I can’t be with either one of them at this point. Not after what they did to me.”

“And what did they do, Keath? Really? Think about it. They haven’t harmed a hair on your head. You’ve enjoyed your time with them more than once and you are .. or will be worshipped by two very successful men who seem to adore you even before they knew you completely.”

“Who’s side are you on?” she asked skeptically.

“To be perfectly honest, I have to be on the side of the baby. I’ve been prochoice all my life and I think we need to figure this out as fast as possible so we know what you’re going to do with the baby.”

Holding her stomach, she said tenderly, “I’m going to keep it. It’s not the fault of an unborn of what happened between me and the…” The thought alone made goosebumps come to her arm.

Chance questioned, “And Sloan?”

“Did he know what they were doing to me?”

“As far as I knew, Sloan didn’t, according to Pholsom, who I spoke with this morning. Sloan does know the boys have met you and care about you deeply, but I have a feeling not that deeply. Sloan wasn’t around to plead his case at the time I was talking to Pholsom and I wasn’t going to wake the old man just for this. Sloan just wants the best for you no matter who you will be discreetly with.”

Standing up, she started pacing in front of Chance. “And who’s to say Pholsom and Phoenix won’t try something like this again.”

“You can tell the difference now, right?”

Yes, but-“

“Which one do you love?”

“I-I don’t know. I feel… I love…” She was so flustered she could barely form words. “They’re both… and when I’m with them… Separately…”

“Keath, why don’t you stick to the facts of this whole thing?” Chance said exasperation. “You’re in love with two men and you can’t rationalize how to be with them at the same time. It’s not socially acceptable or normal, but that’s how you feel.”

She leaned up and slapped Chance across his face again. “You’re being nasty!” she hissed.

He rubbed his face sorely and for a large man he moved in front of the door blocking her only entry. “Okay, Keath, maybe I took it too far, but I was only forcing the truth down your throat. It was wrong and I shouldn’t have, but they love you – Pholsom and Phoenix and if you are going to have their baby, don’t you think you need to forgive them?”

Damn! Why did he have to be right?!

Calmly, she said, “I’ll marry Sloan tomorrow, but as for them after tomorrow, I want nothing to do with them.” Elena ignored the bad taste that came in her mouth knowing deep down she wished she could take those words back, but she was going to be obstinate to the core about her decision. Pholsom and Phoenix had deceived her and she knew she could never forgive them. “I can hire my own lawyer to set up communications with their lawyer concerning the child once we’ve figured who fathered the child.”

Chance asked remorsefully, “You’re going to tell them?”

“Yes, I will,” she said bravely. “I’ll tell them both tomorrow.”

“And me?”

She could hear regret in his tone. Taking a deep breath making up her decision in that moment about Chance, she said, “You’re still my doctor, unfortunately.”

Looking very relieved, Chance said, “Thank-“

Cutting him off, she said, “Don’t be so grateful. You must be totally honest with me, Chance and if I tell you anything you have to promise you’ll be my doctor more than my friend and not only keep it to yourself, but also give me the real deal and not that coddling shit.”

He saluted and winked. “You have my word, Keath. I’ll only look out for your best interest.”

Deep down, she felt Chance would do right by her. She felt safe for the first time in a very long time. Taking his hand in hers, she leaned on his chest and closed her eyes. The feeling of brotherly love overtook her and she wished Vick had given her this when she was little.

Chance rubbed her back and sighed. “It’s going to be fine,” he assured her.

Her tears stained his shirt and she knew it was probably expensive, but he didn’t care.

Rubbing her back tenderly, Chance said, “Now is this really all that’s bothering you?”

Looking up at him, she sighed knowing this would be the perfect time to tell him all the things she had heard and her suspicions about Lori Cummings.


            She was escorted to the dressing room after a full body treatment and waiting there was a brand new black dress with shoes she knew cost more than what she made in a month. Her hair was just done and she felt like a million bucks as she slipped into the clothes.

While getting dressed, she resolved about the night to come. Sloan had made a special dinner for her at Gaston’s and she intended to enjoy herself.

All her life, since her father’s suicide, she had been afraid to take a step out from the ordinary. She had always stayed in the lines and never wanted to do anything that wasn’t normal. She had always accepted everyone’s reality of what they wanted for her, but she had never stuck to her own reality and tried to make herself happy.

Now that she was carrying a child, her happiness mattered and she wanted what was best for herself because she needed to make her child happy.

Coming out of the dressing room, she was excited to see Chance was still there. Albeit he was flirting outrageously with the staff, he looked like he had nothing better to do.

“Would you join me for dinner at Gaston’s tonight?” she asked.

“Hell yeah!” he said enthusiastically. “Hey, but what if Pholsom shows up for dinner, too.”

She sighed. “Then I will let him know that I want nothing to do with him personally.”

“So you’re still going to take the job?” he asked cautiously.

“I should. I will,” she resolved. “I can be completely professional about our relationship and I’m sure he can too. Through Jona’s eyes, I see I can be an asset to the facility and I’d love to help Sloan’s legacy become a success – especially as a soon to be wife of his.”

Looking at his watch, he said, “Can I meet you over there?”

“Yes, I was going to stop by the house before I went over to Gaston’s. I want to get those files back to you.”

“Be careful,” he warned walking her to her car. “If Vick or Lori is there, I’d rather you not take any chances. Just leave and I’ll come back with you to the house to get what you need out of your room. I think Sunday, we’ll meet at the hospital to run some more blood work to make sure everything in okay in your system.” He kissed her cheek before letting her leave.

Feeling relaxed and ready to move on, she decided a lot of things on the way home. First, the house that seemed to bind her to her past would have to go. Even though Detroit didn’t have a good seller’s market, she could find someone who would care for the house or even rent it out. As for Vick, she wanted to get as far away from him as possible. He could take care of himself or even move in with Lori. Whatever his plans were for Elena, she felt maybe out of sight out of mind would work against his attempt to try to hurt her.

Arriving at the house, she asked the driver to wait for a moment. She wanted to change up purses – something smaller and then get over to Gaston’s.

He nodded because they had actually an hour before their arrival time for dinner.

When she walked in the house, she felt everything was going to be okay. Tomorrow, once she married Sloan, she would be free of everything – her past, her brother and this house that had been holding her back from living.

Her mind was so consumed with everything she was going to do, she didn’t notice the upheaval of her home until she was halfway up the steps. Someone had come in and turned everything over.

Gripping the banister, she called out, “Vick?”

No one came out and she knew Lori’s car was not outside. Vick didn’t have a car so unless he presented himself, she couldn’t say if he was home or not.

Her instincts told her to go back out, but she decided to just check upstairs. Getting to the upstairs door at the top of the stairs which was usually locked, she saw someone had kicked it in and everything upstairs had been upturned – even her bed. Everything in her closet had been pulled out and then she saw above the shelves in the closet, someone had punctured the wall and there was a large space going up into what looked like an attic.

She gasped at the realization that maybe… maybe this was what Vick had been looking for?

“So Key, you think you could hide it from me forever?” Vick said behind her.

Slowly she turned around. Dread filled her as she saw the hammer in his hand and him towering over her. He was still in his hospital uniform. “Hide what?” she asked innocently, trying to get more time so she could get the gumption to scream at the right time. Hopefully it would alert the driver and he would bring the police.

He smiled viciously. “You’re think you’re smarter than me, huh? Like Momma thought she was smarter than me?”

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