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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: I really need to stop watching zombie and chasing movies before i go to sleep. I keep the tv on when i sleep to stop my brain from telling me a story while I sleep. Yet, I have to be sure what I’m watching doesn’t keep me too excited so I don’t get any sleep.

I used to date a guy who liked it quiet when he slept. He didn’t even have a tv in his bedroom. Since i only sleep four to five hours a day and at night i’m wide awake, he would be laying beside me knocked out while I’m wide awake killing myself over and over as I fight not to tell myself a story.

I soon started putting my phone under the pillow and would wait until he feel into a hard sleep so I could watch youtube videos or read blogs.

You say, why’d you stay with him. Because he was really cute and … well, that’s another story and like I said in the beginning, he was an ex.

Now back to your regular station and sorry i’m posting so late.

Because of that, here’s the full chapter twelve.

Chapter 12



Soon as she hung up the phone with Chance, she called the hospital to take the day off saying she was sick. Since she rarely took off her absence wasn’t questioned.

When she hung up the phone from human resource, the ringer went off on her phone to indicate someone was calling her.

The number was unregistered, but since she didn’t owe any outstanding debt, she wasn’t scared to answer the phone thinking maybe it was a telemarketer.

“Hello?” she said warily wondering who could be calling her.

There was a second of silence and she looked at the phone to see the phone number had a Detroit area code. Other than that, she had no idea who’s number this could be.

“Hello?” she said again.

“Elena,” a deep breathy voice said.

“Pholsom?” she guessed.

The phone on the other end seemed to drop and she thought she could hear Pholsom arguing with himself.

“Hello!” she said agitated.

“Elena, hello,” Pholsom said coming to the phone.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? Are you at the hospital?”

“No, I’m not. I called.” He said it as if he was taking the blame for something.

“I know you called.” She frowned wondering was this his home number or another cell number. “What did you want?”

“I’m fine, but I was wondering…” He covered the receiver for a second and she heard him growl “fuck off” to someone else before coming back on the line. “What were you doing today?” His tone of voice was rather demanding suddenly.

“I was actually going to contact you if you could make time today to see the facility. I know it’s last minute, but-“

Yes,” he said abruptly. “I can make time to meet you at the facility. Now?”

“No,” she said blushing hearing his eagerness. “I was actually meeting Chance at eleven at a café in midtown, so how about one? We could meet at the facility? Can you text me the address?”

“You’re meeting Chance? For what?” he sounded suddenly possessive.

She looked at the receiver again to look at the phone to see if someone else had “magically” come on her phone. Why did it feel like she was talking to someone else other than Pholsom. “He’s doing some research for me.”

“Really? I could meet you over there.”

“Pholsom, there’s no need-“

“Can I see you now, please?”

The eagerness in his voice was very evident now.


“Please. I need to see you.”

Her stomach did a back flip, but she did want to see him too. “Can you give me an hour and a half?”

“Yes. I’ll be there!”

She distinctly heard someone in the background say, “What the fuck!” before the line went dead.

Getting off the phone, she still wanted to do some things before jumping in the shower and seeing why Pholsom needed to see her in person so bad.

She grabbed the files she had stuffed in her large purse. Going through the files slowly, she assessed what Chance had told her. The times of death were all alike and the real time was on Lori’s shift.

Yet that wasn’t enough to go to the authorities or even administration with proof that Lori had been doing a monstrous deed. They’d see Elena’s name on Mr. Cartwright’s paperwork and anything could easily be pointed away from suspecting Lori from anything.

Lori had deliberately made sure no one at the hospital would suspect anything, but her tyrannical behavior could be to make people look one way while she did something else. Yet how long had she been doing this to be able to cover up everything so well?

Checking all the other patients, she saw the only similarities between all of them were that they were all old and none had any relatives or any contact information listed on any of the forms.

So how could the funeral home have been notified so fast? She wondered. Usually the hospital took about three to four days, but the decease’s paperwork was processed from hours to almost minutes. As if they were called immediately after time of death or close to…

Like when Lori got off her shift?

A chill swept over her and she pulled out the lawyer’s card. Maybe he could help. At the same time the heavy black card dropped down on the bed where she was doing her research.

Onyx Heart’s card.

The room seemed to get colder, but as Elena picked up the card, for the first time there was surety in her actions.

If this Onyx Heart could figure out who Elena was from the little information Chance had given her, then this woman could possibly find out if the insurance carried any of these patients and more about Lori Cummings.

Using her house phone, she listened to the line ringing, but went to a standard voicemail. Elena left a message. “This is Keath Elena Holland. You were at my job last night. You took that book from me. I need to speak to you about Mr. Cartwright’s matter. Please call me.”

Just to see if this Onyx Heart had what it took; Elena purposely didn’t leave a phone number to reach her.

Feeling good about everything and eager to tell Chance what happened, she jumped out of bed and into the shower.

Just as she was getting out of the shower for some reason her entire equilibrium seemed to be off and she had to grip the sink. The room was spinning and she literally had to use the entire sink to keep standing up.

The strange dizziness passed as fast as it had arrived. Getting to the kitchen with just a towel on, she poured herself a glass of water, just as she also heard the doorbell rung with franticness.

Going to the door, she opened it and Pholsom rushed in. The smell of sweet rain and leather assailed her nostrils arousing her immediately.

“Close the door,” he ordered, turning to his side and not taking the sunglasses off his face until the door was completely closed.

When she turned around to face him, before she could access him, he grabbed her and kissed her. The house was still dim because all the heavy curtains were drawn, which was usually the case because she worked such late nights and needed as much darkness around the house during the day to keep rested.

The panic of him arriving so abruptly quickly turned to sexual ecstasy instantly as the feel of his mouth was so warm and delicious.

He carried her over to the couch as the towel fell from around her. His excited growl turned her on and then his lips moved away from her mouth to attack her nipples and then he dove between her legs burying his face so deep, she didn’t care what she was supposed to do, she just cared about what he was making her feel.

A river of passion exploded throughout her body and before she could recover, he returned to kiss her and then maneuvered her body so she was over him. He didn’t want to let her mouth go as he held her close. He also deliberately kept her hands in his or above her head so she wouldn’t touch him or tried to take off his clothes. Although she straddled him, her body stayed close to his as it felt as if their lips were permanently attached. Somehow he got his pants open, but when she tried to reach down and touch him, he maneuvered her hands up to his chest.

With another shift of their bodies, he rolled to their sides and plunged into her womanhood with great force and if he wasn’t holding her tightly, her hips would have rocked right off the couch. Each stroke he delivered was with great force building heated friction that sent her off into a volcanic eruption where her mind left her body and her soul was open to all he wanted. His finger pressed up into her rear and when she thought she could go no higher, he took her above the heavens into a blissful paradise where she could sing in joy to the pure ecstasy they enjoyed.

“Beautiful,” he whispered in her ear.

He was reading her mind, she thought as she withered in his thick arms feeling absolutely no shame in being with him naturally.

As quickly as he brought a euripi plateau, he disengaged immediately to end and get up. He retrieved her towel, keeping his back and side only to her. Even after he adjusted his clothes, he leaned to his side to give her a quick kiss. “I’ll see you later?”

Barely seeing straight, She nodded trying to recover from her intense enjoyment and received a deep kiss just like when he had greeted her leaving her flustered all over again and by the time she regained her stability again, he was out the door and jumping in the back of a dark car that quickly took off once his door was closed.

What the hell?

Checking the time, she realized she only had thirty minutes to get ready and get to the café. After washing up quickly, she dressed in a mini black shirt and a pink tank top, grabbing a matching sweater before she walked out of the door.

She had pulled her shoulder length hair in a ponytail and put on some eyeliner to accentuate the sultriness of her eyes with a touch of lip gloss as well.

Even as she drove her hands still trembled from her morning delight. Chance was right. To beat herself up for enjoying a delicious man like Pholsom was ridiculous and she could keep business from pleasure.

Getting to the café a few minutes early, she pulled in front to find a parking spot and happened to look inside the large window front from her car. She was positive she saw Pholsom leaning over the table with Chance in the front of the café. They were arguing by Pholsom’s menancing stance or rather Pholsom was arguing with Chance who looked calm and cool about whatever they were talking about. She had to drive away because she was blocking the second lane of traffic. There wasn’t anywhere to park, except in the parking garage next to the café.

When she arrived in the café, Chance had moved toward the back of the café and Pholsom was nowhere to be seen.

He waved her to the table and she gave her order to the waitress who seemed to be waiting on Chance hand and foot.

When the waitress left with Elena’s order, she sat across from him. “I thought I saw Pholsom in here.”

“Pholsom?” Chance asked confused. “No, he wasn’t.”

She knew what she saw, but she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. “Weren’t you sitting at the front table before I came in?”

“Yes,” he confirmed before taking a sip of his coffee.

“And another man was with you?”

“I wouldn’t say he was with me; Maybe at me, but not with me.”

She frowned. “So someone was talking with you?”

He leaned on the table towards her and smiled. “Keath, just ask me who was I speaking with?”

Vick had lied so much to her when she was growing up, she really never expected anyone to give her the truth if she asked. Feeling guilty for just not asking outright, she asked, “Were you?”

“Why yes, I was, Keath. The person in question who was giving me the fifth degree was Phoenix Bradshaw.”

Her stomach did a triple flip flop.

The waitress had brought over the water just in time, because Elena’s throat had gone extremely dry. After quenching her thirst, she asked, “Would that be Mr. Sloan Bradshaw’s son?”

“Yes, and cousin to Pholsom Todd, if you must know.”

She concluded that was why they looked so much alike and she still had Pholsom Todd on her head to tell the difference from so far away.

Chance added as a side note. “I’m shocked to see him out for just any reason. He has a slight form for Agoraphobia. According to Pholsom, he hasn’t been out the house in two years and before that I think it was four years.”


Chance nodded. “He had it hard when his mother kicked his father out the most. With Pholsom being two years older and stubborn as all get out, anything his mother was feeling was poured over to Phoenix. Extraordinary man, but even more complicated than his cousin.”

“You know a lot about the family.”

“Let’s just say, I had a run in that put me in direct knowledge of the family. I met Sloan when he was out on the streets originally and didn’t know he was related to Pholsom. It was after Sloan left again, but the boys were grown then, but personally, I don’t think the man should have come back. Pholsom and I have been familiar with each other since college and I even know Sloan’s children from his earlier marriage.”

“Sloan has more children?”

“They aren’t very close to him or Pholsom and Phoenix. That bitch of a second wife made sure of that. She seduced Sloan away from his first family and even made him change his name from Artie to distance himself even more. His older boys forgive him, but don’t really involve themselves in his current life now. They didn’t even know their father was homeless for a while either.”

“Why’d they keep their distance? Because of her?”

“Oh yes. They couldn’t stand her and what she did to Sloan.”

“Why did Sloan go back to her even after she kicked him out originally?”

“That bitch blackmailed him. Told him he’d never see his kids ever again if he didn’t come back. He was smart to keep the money away from her, but now that he’s sick and she’s done her damn best at keeping any woman from marrying him, she still might get it.” He reached down in his bag and pulled out some test results from the hospital.

“What’s that?” she inquired.

“We never finished talking about your results yesterday. You ran out on that call before we could finish and then I found out today you never picked up your prescription from the pharmacy.”

Frowning in worrying, she took the paper away from him. “Are you sure it’s right? Isn’t it early to tell for sure?”

“Science has revolutionized amazingly in the past years. I’m positive and there is nothing wrong with your eyes, Keath.”

Looking up at Chance, she read the results in disbelief. “I’m pregnant?”

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