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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Author’s Note: Some of you have asked about what happened with the beau thing and I’m keeping you abreast with what’s going on in real life of mine, all the while trying to hack out a good story. BTW, the devil is in the details so that’s where we are about now and Elena is going to have the longest day of her life. You can skip this author’s note and jump down to the chapter to get to the story if you’re not interested in this part. It’s okay. I was just updating others who wanted to know…

Picking up from the “beau” thing. If you guess right, it was number 2. Let’s just say right now, he has a complicated situation, which I won’t go into right now.

So I had to take my adversity about cops & his situation and make a decision.

But before I tell you what I choose, let me tell you what had had happen.

So we meet out on the riverfront and with him being in the public eye, of course, we had to maintain distance and just talk. (He told me later a lot of his cop buddies inquired about me, but he told them clearly I was “his friend.” Ha ha ) Anyhoo, we walked along the riverfront and then I said I had to get to my car. The earlier entrance I had come from was closed off, so he knew a back way instead of us going all the way back around. This backway led down a dark alley. Of course, in Detroit (top ten murder capital in the US) you don’t just walk down a dark alley, but I was with a cop.

It was cool.

Until… he grabbed me suddenly, pulled me against him and kissed him. You know i kissed back.


Couldn’t have written a better way to get the first kiss. When I tell you I know my toes curled and I’m positive he lifted me two inches off the ground – literally he did! – during the kiss, I tell you the gosh darn truth!

After we drew away, you know what the first thing I said… “I don’t even know your first name.”

He smiled wickedly. “Second date,” he promised.

WTH! Yeah, I was frustrated because I’m kissing on a man and I don’t even know his first name. Talk about another book!

Anyhoo, we continue walk to where I could get to my car. He hugged me in this really really deep back breaking hug (and I think he bruised a rib, seriously) and told me he probably wouldn’t be able to sit down for the next twenty minutes.

The man then shifted his “package” kissed me on my cheek and winked.

I turned away and hurried to my car.

Okay, more next time before I tell you about my “decision” on this matter.



Chapter 8.5

The door burst open and Elena jumped up ready to brace for Lori knowing she was there and questioning her as to why she was with a patient.

Relaxing, she saw it was another nurse doing the rounds instead of Lori.

“I’m sorry,” the nurse said. “I didn’t even know you were here, Elena.”

She looked over at Sloan to see his eyes were closed as if he were sleeping.“Could you not tell anyone?”

“Oh sure, plus Lori’s gone to lunch with your brother.” The nurse started checking Sloan’s vitals and writing them in the chart. “So is it true?”

“What’s true?” Elena asked.

“You and doctor eye candy on OB/GYN?”

Elena blushed. “Some of it’s true.”

“What about that?”

“That what?”

The nurse blushed and Elena rolled her eyes. “I’ll let you finish checking Mr. Bradshaw while I get something to drink,” she said and left the room to grab a water from the nurse’s desk before returning just as the nurse was coming out of the room.

“I won’t tell Lori if you tell me about doctor eye candy. Is it true?” the nurse bribed.

“Yes. He’s walking around with a third leg,” she said.

The nurse giggled and Elena sighed in exasperation going back in the room with Mr. Bradshaw.

He looked just as alert as he had been before the nurse interrupted them. “I thought she would never leave.”

Elena giggled sitting next to him, but then remembered what they were discussing.

“What did you hear Vick and Lori talking about?”

He sighed. “Lots of whispering but the gist of the conversation consisted of a bank account, babies, insurance and getting rid of her – meaning you – before she found out the truth. You were getting too close. It sounded as if they’d been planning this a while and spoke in half sentences. I really couldn’t tell you anymore, but I did clearly hear your brother say word for word, once they got rid of you, your money would be coming to him.”

Her stomach tightened at the idea Vick wanted her dead for just a little bit of money. She was worth absolutely nothing except the house. Vick’s whole plan was so petty because if the loan wasn’t paid on, the house would be lost to the bank and she had a feeling Vick wouldn’t pay on that and if she was dead there was no one who would care about the house.

She could go to the police, but without true evidence or her dead body, they wouldn’t take the case very serious. If she held off any longer, she could be dead before she knew it. Maybe whatever plan Sloan was hatching was the best plan for her. “So what plan do you have to help us both out?”

“As I’ve told you I have an ex-wife. The last one is determine to take what’s left of my money and spend it like she has lost her mind. She made me draw up a will once I remarried her that clearly states that upon my death my spouse gets all of my money. If I’m not married, my last ex-wife will get it. I divorced her years ago.”

“So she’s going to get it?”

“Unless I remarry, which I’ve been trying to since my illness, but she’s managed to terrify them all away. She has her ways, but I’ve a plan.”

“What plan?”

“I marry you.”

“What?!” Elena really thought her ears weren’t working correctly. “What Sloan?!” she asked again. “Marry you?”

“Yes, Elena,  and this is how I can help you?”

“How are you helping me, Sloan?”

He took her hand again and smiled, “Because I’m making sure what your father left does not fall into your brother’s hand.”

Now she was really confused.

“What are you talking about Sloan? And how do you know about anything my father did? Did you know him?” she demanded hoping she wasn’t overwhelming the older man with too many questions, but she needed answers.

“No, I’ve never met your father, Elena, but after I found out where you lived and I had his name from the obituaries, once I had money I looked into your life completely. I thought it was strange your parents had no other family to proclaim, but I found out that your father’s family was killed in a horrific car accident, while your father was still in his mother’s womb. They called him the miracle baby. The company who owned the truck that killed your family folded after the lawsuit and the money was placed in a trust for your father.”

“Three years before his death, he suddenly changed his will so only you would get the trust. Not your mother or your brother.”

She had to stand up for this one and start to pace on the side of his bed reeling in his words and wondering why had she never known this.

“Wouldn’t I have been notified of the trust by now?”

“Not until your thirty-fifth birthday.”

“Why so late in my life?”

He shrugged. “The trust attorneys would not tell me everything and even that I had to pay an assistant from the law firm an extreme amount of money to find that out. Your father’s criteria was specific and there is no way your brother or your mother can get that money… unless you’re dead.”

“Dead?” Her heart lurched in her chest.

“Yes. There are other things you should know as well that you probably haven’t realized.”

“What?” She returned to her chair waiting with baited breath to what he would say next.

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