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Quick Synopsis

Determined to never make the mistakes of the past, Elena, only wants to help people, which is why she works in the medical field. Yet, her world starts to collide as she meets a man from the past the same time she realizes the patients are mysteriously dying. Soon, her strange pregnancy, her past and her present are all consuming and her life maybe in jeopardy.

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Chapter 3.3

“I’m sorry?” she responded flustered.

“Are you the least bit interested in the position, Ms. Holland?”

“Why me?”

“Because I’ve researched you. I feel that even though you’d be new at the job, you can help me get to where I need to be. I’m a businessman and I make a lot of decisions relying on my gut. I feel good about this. I feel good about you, Ms. Holland.”

Dammit was he deliberately saying sexual connotations on purpose or was her brain so focused on sex, she couldn’t think straight?

Squeezing her thighs together feeling the wetness between her legs, Elena clearly felt the latter. Trying to keep her thoughts focused on business, she took in a deep breath. “It feels like a great opportunity, but a lot is riding on my success in making sure we’re up to code.”

“You brought the floor of this hospital you’re on up to code within less than three months.”

“They were overwhelmed with small violations, but I have a feeling this facility will be greatly overloaded.”

A look of guilt passed through his extraordinarily brown eyes for a brief second and he even had to look away to compose himself.  “Very true, Ms Holland,” he said calmly looking back at her. “We have a year. I’ve already starting the building renovations and I’ve fired the blatant violators who had helped allow the facility to get in this condition or I knew with proof they had stolen from the facility and the tenants. By the time you come in, you can just focus on patient care and billing issues that haven’t been addressed over four years.”

She took another deep breath. As many times as she wanted this position, now that it was sitting in front of her the only reason she didn’t jump on it was because of a cute boss?

That was ridiculous.

“Please tell me what is making you not want to take this opportunity?”

She saw the tightness in his face and immediately knew what his problem was. He was not used to rejection. Her instincts came naturally of how to read men like she would her father. His jaw clenched, his hands tightened in a fist and his eyes slightly narrowed as to show his perturb with her, she would just instantly cave in.

“It’s not the job itself, Mr. Todd.” She was not about to reveal how damn sexually attracted she was to him at that point and how she didn’t like the way her thoughts were envisioning every position in the Karma Sutra with him. “It’s more or less you. I don’t know anything about you and to agree on anything without even looking into the history of this place, I would be crazy.”

He pulled out a manila folder from the inside of his coat. It was folded over, but the contents were still neat. “I thought that’s what you would say and not that other thing.”

“what other thing?” she asked suspiciously.

He definitely looked as if he had popped something out of the bag he wasn’t supposed to. Flushing, he admitted, “Chance said you had some aversion to good looking guys. He said if I came in looking ugly you would be more agreeable to my terms.”

Knowing Chance’s sense of humor and also his honesty about things, she had a feeling Pholsom was telling the truth about what her new friend revealed. Standing up, she took the manila folder and the envelope. “I’ll think about your offer.”

He stood up looking worried. “Did I insult you?”

“No, Mr. Todd.”

“Was Chance right?”

“I don’t have an aversion, I just pity you. That’s all.”


“My father was very handsome and I saw the problems with women he caused and see it happened in other nice looking men.”

He looked slightly amused. “Problems? Such as?”

The intercom interrupted her response and she was glad about it. They were paging her back early.

“I have to go,” she said trying to sound disappointed. “What I feel about you though will have no bearing on what I decide Mr. Todd.”

Picking up her book she had borrowed, she also took  the business card he handed her.

“I’ll call you tomorrow?” she assured him. “I understand the urgency and if I consider I’ll have to give proper notifications and so forth.”

“Once you consider the offer, I’ll help you where I can with that, including a leave in case you change your mind with me.” He looked confidently doubtful about that and she wanted to roll her eyes at his arrogance.

Extending her hand, she smiled, “Goodnight, Mr. Todd.”

“Goodnight Ms. Holland.” He held her hand just a little bit longer after her release and she had a feeling he wanted to say something else.

As much as she wanted to press him and find out what had been on the tip of his tongue, she didn’t because the only thing her body wanted to hear was, “How about a quickie in the janitor’s closet?” from his delicious looking lips.

She had heard and caught so many employees doing that and even though she thought it was so illicit, her mind often wondered would she ever be that venturous or want someone so much she just didn’t care where she was? Her body definitely wanted Pholsom Todd that bad.

Taking the quickest way up to her floor, she handled the situation and then started on her rounds early.

Mr. Bradshaw had awoken briefly according to his charts, but was in a lot of pain so they gave him something. He would be sleep for the rest of her shift if the dosage was correct and she wouldn’t have time to speak to him until her next shift.

She checked his vitals and then went on about her work shift.

The ward was always busy. Older people had odd hours and some were just cranky because they were miserable. Although, some of the staff didn’t like this, Elena didn’t mind at all.

Before getting off her shift, she had the unfortunate event to receive another patient in and the orderly turned the patient abruptly as they were transferring from the gurney. Everything the patient had for dinner and lunch decided to come out and make an appearance on Elena’s clothes and even shoes, soaking her from chest to floor. Even her socks had remnants.

She found some clean scrubs, grabbed a pair of hospital mesh underwear and three pairs of footsies and took a shower before heading out to the parking lot. The extra pair of Crocs she always had handy were not in her locker and since she knew the parking lot was pretty clean, she decided to just walk in the hospital’s footsie’s they usually provided for patients. Hardly no one was out and it was the early morning, with the sun just peaking over the horizon’s on a warm summer Detroit morning. Just as she was about to step foot into the street a slick dark blue Benz pulled up in front of her and Mr. Todd jumped out.

“Ms. Holland, we meet again,” he said coming up to her.

“Yes, we do,” she said. “If I didn’t know any better, you are following me.”

“I don’t think you know any better,” he teased back. “Chance worked the night shift doing reports while I caught him up on some things. I was just leaving to head home and get some shut eye.” He looked at her clear plastic bag of clothes and her wet appearance. “Got into a water fight?”

“No, I just took a shower. A patient lost it.”

“Sorry about that,” he sympathized.

“It’s not your fault,” she said with a shrugged.

“I see your shoes are ruined too,” he noted.

Sighing with overdramatizing, she pretended to be hurt “Causalities of work.” It felt good to verbally banter with someone she was attracted to and it was safe because it was inevitable she would accept his offer and he would be her boss.

So nothing could possibly happen between them, she was confident of.

Elena was just being mean to him by making him wait for her decision after he thought her observations about handsome men were ridiculous.

He chuckled at her silliness, showing that beautiful smile of his and the tingles in places she hadn’t felt in a long time were awoken once again. Damn him and his too gorgeous smile.

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