Yellow Cake… Strange Dreams & the Pressure is on. Camp is on and popping.

Dream 1. I was being chased and being shot at. When caught I was upset because all I was offered was yellow cake.

Dream 2. I was in a kitchen wanting to make another kind of cake, but all I kept making was different yellow cakes. first a plain yellow with plain icing, then a butter cream icing with walnut. then a lemon cake with butter cream icing.

Dream 3. I was getting married and dangit, guess what kind of cake it was. I was pissed at my own wedding, tore off my wedding dress and drove away angry about the yellow cake.

All these happened last night. Moral of this story is don’t watch the ATeam before going to bed. i’m still trying to figure out what the yellow cake means.

Got up at five and typed my fingers off (metaphorically). Don’t worry, I still have some nubs left. I’m going to take the girls to the bus stop and then come back to post by ten and then I have to go.

Oh by the way, I’m at 1200 words. Got five hundred words into the first chapter and found out that I needed a prologue. I’m trying to get that done and posted before ten.

Talk to you soon!