Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 3.2

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Emperor knew she
was behind him the whole time. He was so damn aware of her presence if she
breath hard the hairs on his neck would vibrate. He was grateful for the
underwear he wore because it was almost hiding the hard-on, but damn if the
elastic was digging in his skin.
Leading her through the kitchen, she was taken out the back door of the
house to a small bungalow style home that was connected to the two-car garage.
He opened the door and led her in.
Reese could tell the furniture was new and the walls had been freshly
“You just did this?” she asked amazed.
Emperor tried to hide the blush, yet seeing the pleasure in her eyes,
felt so good. “I made some calls and got somebody in here to straighten up
the place. I never furnished it and until now it wasn’t being used. My ex and I
broke up and we were going to try to stay in the same house together, but she
said she couldn’t sleep in my bed anymore.” His tone was remorseful as he
admitted. “I built this back here for her, just so she could stay, so we could
continue to give Eartha a two parent home.”
“It didn’t work, did it?” she asked, feeling bad about how he
had tried to make his marriage work.
He shook his head with a slightly painful disappointed look. “No, it
didn’t. I blame myself all the way. I hurt her too bad.”
“I didn’t mean to bring up hurtful memories, sir.”
“You didn’t Reese. Like I said, it’s not you.” He handed her an
envelope. “There’s the key to this place. I’m the only one that has a spare
so it’s really all yours and you can just use the side entrance to come in.
There’s an electronic opener in the envelop that opens the gate and the garage
which is small enough to attach to a key chain. You can park your car in the
garage just in case you don’t want it on the street for your mother to see.”
He gave her a sneaky wink.
Reese couldn’t tell if he was being nice in nature, or was this just a
pity party in her favor. The latter would not sit well with her. She didn’t
want his compassion if that was the case.
“It’ll be good if you come here the first Thursday of the month,
because my mechanic comes over and does work on my car to keep it in good shape.
Red will take a look at yours too.” He rubbed his neck and frowned more.
“Would you like me to show you around?”
She shook her head because he had that sheen of sweat on his forehead
again with a great deal of agitation in his voice. “No, sir, I’ll be fine.
Thank you.”
“Like I said, just obey my school hangout rule, no guests when I’m
not here and even when I am, ask my permission first.”
“I don’t have any friends, Mr. Heart,” she admitted.
He bit his tongue wishing she had a lot more than what she had now. “My
cell phone and pager number are written on the envelope and the house phone
number too. There’s a phone line in the house and there is a back up cell phone
in the kitchen cabinet. You can use it whenever you want or in emergencies since
you have a pre-pay phone.”
“How did you know I had a prepay phone?” she asked
“I’m in communications, Reese,” he said obviously.
Reese wondered what else he had done to find out about her. Other than
that, she was speechless and overwhelmed at what he had done to the place.
Em twitched his lip and licked them, gritting his teeth from the pain
inching up his back. He had aggravated his spine seriously these past few weeks
working out harder than he had ever done before in his life just to get rid of
the pent up energy. It wasn’t working, but the pain kept him focused.
“Are you okay?” she asked with concern.
“I’m fine. I’m just… He reached out and leaned on the door as a
streak of pain shot up the side of his back. “Uncomfortable,” he said
finishing his sentence. At least it wasn’t just in his pants anymore.
“Are you hurt?” she inquired, taking a step to him.
He knew his body wouldn’t care about the pain if she stepped any closer.
“I’m fine,” he said, stepping. “I’ll be in my office. I’ll
leave the kitchen doors unlocked when I’m here.” He paused to get control
of himself, really wishing his manhood would quit growing because the elastic
was cutting off the circulation in his thighs yet again. “When you’re not
here, it’ll be locked, but just write a grocery list and I’ll make sure the
kitchen in here is stocked as well.”
“You really have done too much, sir.”
Em shrugged. “It’s not a problem.” Turning around, he winced in
sharp distress.
“It’s your back,” she guessed. “What’s wrong with your
“I aggravated an old injury. I’ll be fine,” he assured her, but
nothing he knew he could take would make it all go away. The pain had been with
him too long.
“I could try,” Reese shyly offered.
Looking over his shoulder at her, he frowned hard. “What could you
do?” he asked in pure disbelief.
“My mother used to work as a masseuse… and although she rarely did
them, there was this woman who used to watch me, while my mother worked and she
knew how to do them real well.” Cracking her knuckles. “What could it
“My back could be worse.”
She couldn’t help, but laugh and covered her mouth with embarrassment.
“I wasn’t laughing at you,” she admonished, taking his hand in hers.
“Please let me try. It’s the least I could do.”
Em was mystified at that beautiful laugh she had graced him with. She had
the laugh that would make a man want to make her do all the time. He allowed her
to guide him to a chair in the dining room.
“Straddle the chair, she ordered, “And get as comfortable as
you can get.”
He moved with ease so use to the hot pain in his back, but gritting his
teeth so he wouldn’t wince. “Should I take off something?”
“No. I don’t have any oil so the clothes will help with the feel of
it,” she said, sitting in another chair behind him. “Try to relax as
best as you can.”
Her fingers were firm and amazingly strong as she kneaded the muscles on
his nape. Em was glad he was sitting with his back to her because she couldn’t
see the hardness, which now pressed against his pants in a perfect outline
stretching down the middle of his thigh. He put his arm on top of it to hide it
in case she leaned over.
Concentrating, she remembered all of Lela’s instructions as if the fat
woman was standing right to next to her. With a rhythm, Reese was able to work
each muscle until it was nothing but putty in her hands. When she reached the
spot she knew was bad, because his muscles were way too tight, she leaned up
against him.
He could feel her breast press up against his back and her head dipped
forward. “When I say take a deep breathe, could you do it?” she asked
as she wrapped an arm around his waist. The side of her body pressed against the
side of his back, while her other palm pressed against his spine firmly rubbing
downwards slowly.
“Yes,” he said breathlessly, hoping he could keep it together
enough so she wouldn’t notice the twitching in his pants.
“Now,” she hissed sharply.
Just as he took the deep breath, an earth-shattering ache jolted his
body, but that lasted a second as the room began to spin as if there was blood
draining out his back. Had she stabbed him? No, it didn’t feel this good to be
stabbed. His eyes were closed so tight and… was that him making that moaning
noise? His face was leaning over the chair as she released her arm around his
waist and massaged his entire back. It felt like he was breathing fresh air and
all the pain was… gone.
“W-What did you do?” he asked, keeping his eyes closed,
relishing in her touch and what she had done to him.
“You had a partial slip disc and it was pressing up against a blood
vessel. I shifted it and once I got the rest of the muscles relaxed, it slipped
right back in place,” she explained, still moving her fingers over the
brawny muscles on his back.
“Oh damn, fuck!” He covered his mouth, cursing more for cursing
in front of her. “I’m sorry. I’m not used to talking… fuck.” He
slipped again as she found a muscle he knew for sure had never been touched
She giggled. “It’s alright. Lela said I was a good student.”
“She was damn right. You learn very well.”
Proudly she said, “I’m a fast learner and I like to learn new
things. Lela was a smart woman and good at what she did.”
He groaned, wishing he hadn’t thought about teaching her new things.
“Does it still hurt?” Reese asked, resting her hands on his
broad shoulder.
Em raised his head amazed at how relax and good it felt for the first
time in a long time. “No, Reese. I should go.” He stood up.
“Thanks. You just don’t know how good it feels.”
She playfully saluted. “Any time.”
He went to the door and looked back at her keeping his body from facing
her. “Are you sure about that offer?”
Haughtily, she said, “The offer is always open, sir. Any time.”
Em left out before he decided to try to offer something more.
As soon as he was gone, she looked around the place. There was the
spacious front room, which combined the living and dining area together with the
kitchen as well, but there was a counter top to separate the kitchen from the
other space. Off to the side was the bathroom and the other side there was a
full size bed with a dresser, television, DVD/VCR combo, and stereo system.
There were balcony doors that led to another smaller Jacuzzi hidden away from
the rest of the house.
She couldn’t believe that he had offered this too her, but she hoped she
had made it up to him by giving him her best massage. Lela’s instructions had
come back to her just like old times – As if the old woman was standing behind
her tell her exactly what to do and how to do it – even though Reese hadn’t done
that in a long time.