La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 15 #WIP wc 31387

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Chapter 15


The clicking of her heels didn’t seem as loud as her heart beat.


She didn’t hear a sound, but the smell of a man was close. His smell of almond and deep earth cologne…


Her heartbeat increased in volume and pulse.


Nothing. No sound. No one touched her and she let a breath out in disappointment.

Suddenly a hand covered her mouth and she was pressed back against his hard chest. Was he curved down to feel her body?

“Are you scared?” he whispered.

She tried to think about Axel’s voice. Was this the same?

The pressure of his other arm around her waist increased and he whispered the question again.

She shook her head.

His hand fell away to moved down to massage her breasts, but at the same time his lips kissed her neck, behind her ears and to her nape. His other hand moved the front of her dress up and he groaned feeling her nakedness in the palm of his hands. He dipped his finger between her valley and she matched his groan with one of her own as her wetness saturated his hand.

Stefanie didn’t need much to get her going right then. His hungry kisses and touch were nice, but she was gearing for a quickly to get the edge off. Grinding her body against his and reaching back to open his pants, he didn’t stop her. Matter of fact, the hand massaging her front now helped her move away the barriers that kept them from joining together. In one moment they were just rubbing against each other and then next he was driving himself deep into her.

Putting her hands against the cold brick to steady herself from the powerful thrust that knocked the breath out of her body, her own body goaded him for more – grinding up against him as if she was trying to start a fire. He listened to her call and plummeted repeated up into her – harder and harder as her insides began to do a dance around his phallus in a voracious attempt to suckle him dry.

He gripped her hips so tight she knew she was bruising, but she didn’t care because by his fifth stroke she was coming like a river that had been uncorked. He didn’t stop though and she didn’t dare want him. He reach under her right thigh to curve her knee up in midstride to pummel into her harder, each thrust lifting her off the ground and hitting the right spot to send her orgasming once more into Valhalla. If she screamed she didn’t know but tears were running down her check as she cried in pure ecstasy. She reached back to hold onto his neck as he bit down in her shoulder and his other arm held her around her waist.

The fact he could pick her up so easy, told her either he was just as lost in his own sexual passion or this was the man of steel.

His rod felt like Titanium, hitting the back of her making a loud slapping noise as her essence ran down her leg. Soon his own burst forth from him and she could feel his body shudder and gyrate sending shots of passionate electric through her veins. His fingers dug into her thighs and waist hard and she was positive her shoulder had started bleeding from his teeth digging down in her skin.

Stefanie was past the point of no return and his wildness terrified her and turned her own – especially when he didn’t stop after his orgasm. He only slightly turned her body to the side, made sure she had her balance, adjusted her thigh over his shoulder and continued to stroke his manhood in and out of her.

By this time, she was panting, crying and trembling through various types of orgasms she had never had before. This side position gave his access not only to curve his long body over to suckle on her breasts, but his hand to make its way to insert into her rear. He used their shared essence to wet his finger and then pressed against her anus until he was granted entry. He started gyrating more and more, bringing her to a pinnacle she knew she was going to scream to the heavens for.

She didn’t care where they were, she just wanted to feel him deeper and deeper inside of her. He seemed to read her mind and give her exactly what she wanted.

Her body took over good sense and Stefanie let loose a long howl of joy, unable to hold herself up, but knowing he was all in control of her safety, her body and now the peak of her pleasure.

Never wanting to come down, she knew the exact moment he joined her again. Damn! She swore the entire universe had rocked just because of them and she floated back to earth. By the time she was back in reality, he had her back against the wall and her arms pinned above her head trying to catch his own breath.

She didn’t know when he had situated her body to stand straight, but she was glad his knee was between her legs and his body pressed against hers to hold her up. Once she regained her own equilibrium, he seemed to tell and moved away slowly so she could get her own ground.

When he stepped completely away from her, she fixed her clothes and then she knew instantly, he wasn’t there anymore.

“Hello?” she said, but no one answered.

Pulling the blindfold away, she looked toward the light at the end of the passage way and knew that was the way to get back to the car. Going out of the spce and back to the car, she saw Red leaning up against the car.

When he saw her, he immediately rushed up to her in concern. “Are you okay? What the hell happened?”

She didn’t understand his concern until she looked down and saw her dress was torn and there were bruises all over her arm.

“I’m fine, Red,” she assured him.

He didn’t look like he believed her. “Is this why Treasure gave me that package of clothes to put on the back seat? What the hell has Treasure gotten you in?”

“I’m okay,” she reiterated. “Please let’s go before someone thinks you did this to me.”

Shaking his head, he opened the door and let her in. When he got in the driver’s door, he put the partition up so she could have some privacy in the backseat. The windows in the rear were tinted so she could get undress with the light on in the rear.

Looking at her arms, thighs and side, she gasped and then smiled knowing she had been just a wild and there were some scratches on his thigh or arm.

This time though she realized he had not used a condom and she took the moment alone as she was driven home to think about what the consequences could be.


She awoke the next morning with the same thoughts on her mind. Aimlessly, she went to work and didn’t realize how long she had worked without eating until her stomach growled hungrily about three in the afternoon. Grabbing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she went to take another shower and tried to remember what her day was supposed to be like.

Just so she wouldn’t seem like she was being impatient, she wrote Lauren a text message, “I hope to see your messenger by five. I have an appointment to keep.”

“Soon,” Lauren responded immediately.

She put her phone down and went back to work.

After sending off some files, uploading new images on her website, plus updating some blogs, she went to work on a new client file, but this time keeping track of the time. At five, she heard her text message alert go off and she was hopeful this was Lauren.

To her misfortune, which also felt like a gain, it wasn’t Lauren, it was Axel Black. He was confirming their dinner.

“I’m honored by the time you’ve chosen to spend with me tonight. Is seven a good time for me to pick you up?”

She stared at the text message for a long time before answering the message by saying, “Yes. See you at seven.”

Soon as she sent the message, her phone rang. Damn! It was Treasure.

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  2. Hmmm hot but unprotected sex……..I hope Steph didn’t actually think Lauren was going to send her money after the other check bounced and why didn’t Steph take the other check to Laurens bank, she knew how shady her friendship was that was just to much money to guess it would clear……Thanks for the updates Sylvia! Have a wonderful weekend!

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