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Chapter 10.2

Why she felt apprehensive with the urge to giggle like a schoolgirl at the same time was really strange to her.

“Do you remember me?” he asked when she just continued to stare at him as if he were some apparition appearing in front of her.

Nervously, she grasped his already outstretched hand. “Yes, I do. You’re Dex, right?”

“Dexter,” he corrected her. “I remember you from the club. I bought you the drink.”

Warily, she corrected him, “You mean you bought Lauren a drink.”

He shook his head and flashed his gorgeous smile. “You drink yours sweet. I know what i was ordering. The bartender told me exactly what you like to drink.”

the thought that he was trying to meet her initially really blew her mind. “You wanted to meet me?” she asked to be sure.

“Of course. I’m a fan of your work.”

“My work?” she was apprehensive again.

“Yes, I work in security at Black Technologies. We use a lot of the software you created to securely hide back doors for software developers at our firm.”

Immediately familiar with the company she said, “I’m a fan of Axel Black’s algorithms on hacking, but how do you know me? I usually don’t make myself known at a lot of technical functions and I certainly know techies don’t hang out at bars like that.”

He flushed with a little embarrassment. “Yes, I know that for sure. I saw you at a couple of conferences last year and I was surprised by the fact you had brains and beauty, but I was way to overwhelmed to even introduce myself to you the few times I saw you.”

She could believe that he’d seen her at conferences. Even though she had declined several keynote speeches, she still tried to attend for the workshops and even networking because of the clientele those events offered. Yet, most people didn’t know how she looked because of her shyness she elusive on purpose.

Dexter continued, “I went to the bar that night, looking for my little sister who had gotten herself stranded on the wrong side of town. I was so pissed about hunting her down that I needed a drink before taking her home and that’s when I saw you.” His smile became brighter. “I can tell you, seeing you made me change my mind about the screwed up day I was having. I asked the bartender to send you over a drink.”

“So that drink really was for me?”

“Yes,” he said.

Defensively, she asked, ” But you asked Lauren out on the dance floor.”

Shaking his head, he said, “Lauren asked me to take her out on the dance floor and assumed. I didn’t want to be rude and I thought after I placated her I would be able to come back to the table and enjoy that drink with you.” He truly looked disappointed. “I didn’t know you’d make your exit while we were dancing.”

“I had a lot of work to do,” she quickly lied. This was Lauren’s man or at least her intended man and whatever intentions he had originally now that Lauren had her hooks in him, Stefanie wasn’t going to get in between that pursuit. “Just like I do now and I really should be going.” Unfortunately the rain seemed to get harder just at that point and she didn’t know if she could even see how to get home, let alone walk by herself.

“Wait! Please,” he insisted. “Like I said, I’ve seen you at a distance, but it took a lot on my part to introduce myself to you initially and now that Lauren’s not around, I really would like to -”

She cut him off because even if he was interested in her, she knew getting in the way of Lauren would be hell gone wrong. “I really can’t,” she said adamantly. “I shouldn’t because I know how Lauren feels about you.”

He looked hurt. “And you wouldn’t want to hurt your friends, would you?”

Tightly, she said, “No, I wouldn’t.”

There was a look of severe pain as if she had really cut deep with those words, but then that look was gone and that soft gorgeous smile returned. “Then at least I thought you’d like to meet my boss.”

Now that was certainly something to make her root to her spot. Axel Black was even more elusive than she was. Most times, he sent proxies or other company employees in his place. He had been a well-known hacker in her college days until the police caught up with him and turned him. Shortly after he started developing complex hacking software that even the government uses to this day.

There was really no documented picture of Axel Black anywhere and even employees have admitted no one had ever admitted meeting him… yet now? Was he just trying to pull her leg? Or get her to meet him behind Lauren’s back.

“I could meet you later,” she said trying not to be overly excited at the opportunity, yet still skeptical. “At your offices.” Stefanie felt that was the best place to meet him and Lauren wouldn’t dare be jealous of that – hopefully.

“Why wait until later? You can meet him now.” He suddenly became on edge and looked to her right.

She followed his eyes and gasped as if someone had stabbed her eyes out. Blinking rapidly, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Walking up to her was a six foot seven, dark golden haired sublime perfection of a man. When he got close enough to look down at her, she realized he had Heterochromia iridium. One of his eyes was cerulean and the other was chartreuse. Lord the man was uniquely handsome – despite the fact he was white. His skin was a perfect natural tanned and there were muscles bulging on top of muscles. The white tank top and jogging shorts that looked like they were painted over his large body showed her every huge muscle he possessed.

He stopped abruptly arms length away from her and instead of extending his hand out, he clutched the towel around his neck further highlighting the sexiness that drenched from every pore of his body.

This was the elusive Axel Black?! WTF?!

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  1. More surpises. So is he a realitve of Ethan Black. What a surprise. He could be the mystery man.

  2. Please,oh please, oh please tell me that Axel Black is Steph’s mystery man!!! Will you post again today,because I can’t wait to read more!

  3. MY DAMN, my damn! Axel Black has GOT TO BE THE WHITE GUY WHO WAS NICK’S ROMMIE/FRIEND WHO WAS YUCKY LOOKING/SMELLING AND CREEPY WHO TRANSFERED TO MIT! he wasn’t REALLY creepy, he just afraid of approaching Stefanie back then because of the aforementioned reasons!

    He got in shape, washed his ass and cleared up his skin. he’s also been following Stefanie’s progress and now that he’s all ‘LICIOUS and WEALTHY he’s coming to CLAIM HIS WOMAN!

    He’s also her SECRET FREAK!

    AM I RIGHT? This is getting GOOD!!!!!

    1. That’s what i was thinking!! Lol when she mentioned him in the previous chapter

  4. u know i can’t answer those questions Rhonda but that comment was AWESOME!!!

    TONIA, i will do a spoiler and say, no threesomes in this one.

  5. Just when I thought Dexter was the one…….. oh boy, Sylvia, you are really full of surprises. Knowing you, how come I never suspected this? Lol!
    I’m loving this more and more and more.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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