La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 9.2 #WIP wc 19531

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Chapter 9.2



Shaking her head, Stefanie looked confused and hurt because even when she thought she knew her friends feelings regarding her, she had not expected them to run so deep with hatred. “No, I don’t know the answer to that question, Jezica. Please tell me why you choose never to say anything to me about Lauren’s deceit you clearly knew about in advance.”

Jezica looked as if Stefanie’s words were hurting her and she wrapped her arms arond her stomach as if there was some pain there as well. “Don’t think i don’t know Nick’s heart was into you before I got ahold of him. And how I’ve had to fight to win his love and then fight to make him appreciate me, when all the time he thought about you and wished he was with you. Why you think I made it uncomfortable for you to come over and why I make it difficult for you to even call here anymore? Because my husband was cheating on me in thought before we were even married. I even convinced him to elope just so you couldn’t be apart of any wedding pictures. I’d accused him so much of cheating all the time, he just stopped trying to do anything to contact you.” She slameed her fist on the counter. “I was jealous of you Stefanie. Is that what you want to hear?”

“I don’t want to hear that Jezica. I didn’t ask for you to be jealous of me. I’ve done absolutely nothing for you to be jealous of me.” She stood up. “I find that hard to believe because you have everything you want. You’ve got a good man, a baby, a good home and a good life, yet you’re still unhappy.”

“Because i thouht I needed all that in order to be happy and I look at you and see you’ve succeeded without it. Now I wish for your life, just like lauren. I wanted her to take your money and maybe put a dent in your finances or just hurt your feelings so you’d be miserable, somehow.”

Stefanie gripped her chest and turned away not wanting Jezica to see how hurt she really was. “All this time, I’ve wished I never put my nose to the boks, just so I could have the popularity you guys had. When people freely came around you guys, I had to pay my own friends to come around me.” She used the back of her sleeve to wipe the tears off her face. “You guys have men, while I…” She didn’t finish that sentence off because she’d reveal what she had been doing with the stranger. “…I have no one. No one to hold me, no one to lay with me at night, no one to appreciate the hard work that I do.”

“But you have money!” Jezica said. “You have the freedom to do anything you want.”

Turning around and glaring at the shallow bitch, Stefanie said, “All the money means nothing if I haven’t anyone to share it with. And that’s what I have. Nothing. No one!” She stormed out of the house hoping that she didn’t have to say she never wanted to lay eyes on Jezica ever again.


            Getting to the car, her hands shook as she put the light to the cigarette end. She could barely get a breath in and hurried to get the car going to get as far away from Jezica’s house as possible. The tears running down her face almost made it impossible for her to see where she was going.

Her phone rang. It was Treasure, but she really didn’t want to speak to her right now.

Stefanie pushed the call into voicemail and drove home to sulk in the misery of her life.


Treasure called three more times that night, but she avoided those calls along with the two calls the next morning. Jezica never called or sent any kind of messages.

The next morning, Stefanie received an email from Treasure.

Since she had to look in her emails for her work, there was really no way to avoid opening the email and she read the short message.

“You okay?” the email asked.

“No, but I’ll be okay.” Stefanie responded.

“The client wants to see you again,” Treasure responded back.

Staring at the screen for a couple of minutes, she knew she had too much going on mentally to really enjoy the client just physically any more. Yet she wanted to at least try before she gave up. “Would I be overstepping anything if I requested a face to face meeting? I would like to get to know him better mentally than physically.”

It took Treasure half a day to respond. “The client had declined the invitation for a face to face meeting.”

Maybe it was because she was already feeling very sensitive but those words hurt her in more ways than one. “Then let him know I won’t be interested in joining him ever again. Thank you for what you have done, but I find myself bored with the arrangements. I no longer want this “situation.”

Treasure didn’t answer back for the rest of the night and Stefanie felt this only compounded her misery.

Her friends used her and she couldn’t get a man to even spend time with her other than to use her body.

She couldn’t blame anyone except herself. All this time, she had allowed Jezica and Lauren to use her and pretended blindly that everything was fine, when everything really wasn’t.

Even she wanted to, she couldn’t even blame the treatment from her mother. The woman was long dead and by now, Stefanie should have gotten over the mental and sometimes physical abuse the woman put her through.

Curling in her bed late at night when her eyes could no longer look at the computer screen, she fought the urge not to cry, but it wasn’t until she let herself go, that she felt a lot better, crying herself to sleep.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 9.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Sylvia,
    You are truly a fantastic writer and I am really enjoying the story so far, just wish it was coming faster. : )

    I am so glad that she is realizing that she can’t blame no one else for what she is going through but herself. I think I see a breakthrough coming for Stefanie yet.

  2. I am sooo happy she finally said what was on her mind….however Im not surprised that was the reason why her homegirl acted like that…As far as mystery man is concerned I know he is going to reach out again and she is going to allow her body to feel wanted…however I think he will do it with a stipulation….more please

  3. I think it is good that she realizes that ultimately she is responsible for the decisions she makes about her adult life. I feel for her in that she basically has no one who truly cares about her or knows the real her. it would be nice if mystery man were to some how meet her without her knowing he is her mystery man. How about some info on mystery man while Stephanie regroups from all these new revelations??

  4. I agree with Mona, how about some info on the mystery man while stephanie regroups? This is too good

  5. She needed a good cry and mental kick in the butt…..wake up revived and refreshed with a new attitude!

  6. She’ll be getting that call from THE BODY soon!
    She’s turned him down as THE MYSTERY MAN, he has no choice but to ask her to meet him and discuss technology and software even though she won’t know it’s him.

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