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La Revanche des Trois is a novel intent on giving you sensual noir.

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3 Friends and one finds herself extremely unhappy as she realizes her friends are using her.

Yet revenge isn’t as sweet as she thought it would be when she falls for her friend’s boyfriend and then ruins another marriage.

Chapter 7.2

Abruptly he stood and lifted her with him. Relief filled her because Stefanie was unsure if she could stand any longer.

He lowered to her to the ground and didn’t let her go until he was assured she had her balance. She felt him move away and then he ordered, “Remove your clothes.”

She didn’t hesitate to please still very much aroused his touch and wanted more. Or even if she could reciprocate…

When she had removed her dress and then her bra, she didn’t shy from what he could possibly be looking at. The blindfold served it’s purpose in making her unafraid and almost wanton enough to be more seductive.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered.

Stefanie didn’t feel any fear as she lowered to her knees, but she didn’t know if he was close enough.

“Reach for me.”

Feeling upwards, she touched the edge of the bed and then his thigh. He was sitting on the bed and took her arms once she touched him to encircle his shaft.

He was already thickened and one of her hands could move around his but her fingers barely touched. He was thicker than most guys she had been with and she was surprised she had taken him so easily yesterday.

He released her hands and she took this as permission to freely touch him. Stefanie smiled mischievously and first took her hands to move from the base of his manhood all the way to the tip. After determining he was nine and a half inches of hardened steel with a bibulous tip, she took her time trying to memorize every nuance, texture and heat of his skin. When her fingers were satisfied, she lowered she face to him and pressed his manhood against her cheek feeling his heartbeat pump deeply against her skin. He was definitely aroused and taunt.

Knowing she had turned him on completely seem to give her even more power to turn him on even more. Pressing her lips ever so gently to the tip, she slowly circled the peak, before moving her face around the shaft. He was clean and she liked that he was with very little hair at the base. She could smell olive soap in his hairs and gasped as she nuzzled her face into his bed of follicles and then licked the inner thigh. With the tip of her tongue, she laved back to the base of the shaft and then moved up loving the thick taste of him and the warmth he provided.

She heard something tear and him moaned into a pillow. Before she made it to the tip again with his mouth, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up on the bed without any stain. There was a brief moment where she heard him growl in frustration of tearing off a condom and then getting it over his shaft.

Stefanie giggled knowing she had driven him crazy and didn’t mind he positioned himself perfectly to enter her. Her body was moist enough to receive him and her back arched to brace for his hard entry.

“Yes!” she cried as he stroked downward rocking her hips up.

He was cursing violently into her neck and she held him tight loving how his large body gyrated and then rocked against hers.

Suddenly, she started to tremble from inside out and it was his turn to hold her tightly and whatever screams of pleasure she tried to vocalize was extremely difficult since she was biting down on her lip so hard.

Coming down from her europhia, she hummed her pleasure. He lifted up slightly and she could tell he was looking down at her.

What was he thinking? What could he see?

“What?” she asked softly.

Just like before he abruptly arose from the bed and then she heard a door close.

“Hello?” she called out.

There was no answer and she sat up in the bed.

What happened?

Her phone rang.

She remembered dropping her purse where her dress and she scrambled out of the bed with the blindfold on, found her purse and then her phone.

“Are you okay?” Treasure asked.

“Yes. I’m okay. He left. Suddenly. I didn’t think I did-“

Treasure cut her off. “It’s okay. He thought he was too rough.”

How could he think that? She wondered to herself.

“You can take off your blindfold and get cleaned up. Leave the key, take your time and I’ll talk to you later,” Treasure promised.

Getting in the shower, she wondered why would the client think he hurt her? True he had only been a little rough. Her arms where he had jerked her up was still a little sore and she was slightly tender between her legs, but it wasn’t enough to say she was hurt.

So he was shy and overly tender? If that was so, why was he so different when he made love to her. He was so confident and virile when he was with her.

When she got out of the shower, after drying off, she put on her dress and returned to the room.

Stefanie looked at the direction she saw the door closed.

There was no door there – just a wall with a chair in front of it.

Going to the chair, she leaned down to see maybe she was missing something. When she tried to move the chair out of the way, she realized the furniture was bolted to the wall and not to the floor at all.

Looking at the wall, she realized the partition where this chair was small for no reason at all and most likely this was a secret doorway.

She wanted to take time to look this structure over, but being a computer geek, Stefanie knew she could get on a computer or go downtown and get the plans for this building.

Grabbing her purse and shawl, she did as instructed by leaving the key on the table and getting the elevator to her car. Turning her phone on after she lit her cigarette, she saw there were two missed calls from Lauren.

Checking her text messages and she saw Lauren’s all capital demanding text message:


Stefanie deleted the message and dragged on her cigarette quickly, but after she was done, she immediately lit another one.

Annoyed to death, she put the car in drive and started toward the dry cleaners Lauren usually used.

She would gather in bravery and use this as an excuse to talk to Lauren about the money.

La Revanche des Trois (Revenge of Three) – Chapter 7.2 (c) 2011 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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14 thoughts on “La Revanche des Trois (The Revenge of Three) Chapter 7.2 #WIP wc 14422

  1. now that’s what i’m talkin about!!!!
    lauren needs a serious beat down. i hope you do her up in good fashion!!! i know i want to seroiusly hurt her.

  2. Can she please put ashes on her dry cleaning or something? Lauren needs to be taught a lesson and after all that good get down Stephanie needs to stop being spinless.

    1. I sooo agree with you! I’m quickly losing sympathy for Stefanie! This assrag, doormat behavior of hers is becoming tiresome.

  3. What is Stefanie’s reason for being such an assrag for Lauren? I don’t understand her? She’s becoming irritating! She’s an intelligent, affluent, sexual women who has esteem issues with females!?!?

  4. soooo heres the thing….Im thinking now that the mystery man is someone who is strongly affliated with Lethal….Lethal has the home with the many doors and with the work he is done with others I wouldnt put it past his people and honestly I wouldnt put it past him either….as far as Lauren she needs to be brought down a few notches….and real quick!

    1. Like others have said I am pretty sure he is Mandingo Heart, although, he seemed to have a thing for Nevada in His Substitute Wife but I guess we will see! 🙂

  5. That message from Lauren had me steaming, Im like wtf? She needs to get oit, Im so serious. She really needs better “friends” and I use that term loosly.

  6. Laurence is insane, can she please get a beat down, can Stephanie please grow some balls something and burn no cut up her dry cleaning I he face then tell her get my money! Her mystery man sounds ” Lethal”.

  7. I thought it was Mandingo to but in Hope is Love he was still searching for Nevada, so I am thinking those two will be together in the end. So…..Is it Lethal if not is this an introduction to a new character? hummmm curiosity is a mug :)!

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