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October begins the sixth month of and this has been both an exciting and challenging time. We’ve learned a lot, we’re growing, and one of the best parts of this website is that we love to interact with you.

So, with ACAM Monthly, each month you’ll get all the news of what’s happening at first. You’ll get previews of upcoming stories, interviews with authors, contest announcements and much more. So stay tuned!

And…we always want to hear from you. So if you have any suggestions or ideas, please email us at

Christopher Murray brings Jasmine back!

Scandalous, features Victoria Christopher Murray’s most infamous character. This novella is the prequel to Temptation, where readers were first introduced to Jasmine Cox Larson, before she became Lady Jasmine. In Scandalous, Jasmine is about to marry her first husband, Kenny Larson, the ex-star football player for USC. But the day before her wedding, she meets Mr. Chocolate, a full-time body-builder, part-time stripper who dances at her bachelorette party. Innocent flirtation turns into so much more and Jasmine finds herself in a trap that she herself has set. Now, she has to fight her way out, but will she lose her new husband in the battle? Will Mr. Chocolate destroy her entire life? Fans of Jasmine Cox Larson Bush will enjoy this story of how Lady Jasmine got started…..

Scandalous, available now for $6.93 or 7 credits

Candy Jackson says that sometimes the fall from the pedestal isn’t far enough

Sasha Simone Henson has lived in the land of the pampered, the privileged and all things pretty from the moment she was born. A Bishop’s daughter, Pink, as Sasha is affectionately known has been raised in the church – she’s been raised right. In fact, she’s even heard the voice of God telling her the identity of her future husband. God is good! Pink is thrilled. He’s a pastor, so that’s wonderful and she has loved this man forever. And it doesn’t matter to her that he’s already married….

Pink and Patent Leather, available now for $6.93 or 7 credits

ReShonda Tate Billingsley’s novella is not based on real life….or is it?

When struggling actress/singer Tamara Collins signs on to star in the new stage play, It Should’ve Been Me, she has no idea of the drama that’s about to unfold. First, she’s being paired with Donavan Dobbs, the man who broke her heart. Then, her catty co-star Camille Woods is out for revenge – only Tamara has no idea why. Throw in butt-naked band members, fanatical fans, and a conniving director/playwright with a secret agenda and Tamara will find herself starring in a new show – I’m about to kill somebody and blow this joint up. When all is said and done, can these thespians come out of this drama unscathed? Any resemblance that ReShonda’s novella has with her recent starring role in a national-touring stage play is purely coincidence…..

It Should’ve Been Me, available now for $6.93 or 7 credits

Tinesha Davis brings Hip-Hop to life in H.I.T.s – Hip-Hop Inspired Tales

Hip-Hop music tells a story and these stories unfold in Tinesha Davis’s collection of hip-hop inspired tales. In a neighborhood where residents are struggling to find their way, find out about Brenda’s Baby (Tupac), and about Black Girl Lost (Nas.) Meet the Parents (Jay Z) in a story called Heat. And then there’s Smile, inspired by Scarface featuring Tupac’s Smile.

Hip-Hop Inspired Tales, available now for $3.96 or 4 credits

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Monthly Writers on Writing

Join Victoria Christopher Murray for this one hour on-line workshop on Character Development. The class will include: the difference between protagonist and antagonist, flat and round characters, developing the past, present and future, how to choose names, and so much more. This workshop will also include the character resume that Victoria uses for her novels.

Monday, October, 10th 8PM EDT. Only $20.00. Register at www.achapteramonth


On-line Writers Group

Want to take your writing to the next level? Join Cherise Fisher, former Editor-in-Chief for Plume and Senior Editor with Simon & Schuster in a 10 Week On-line Workshop. This Writer’s Group, limited to ten participants, will take you through the full-spectrum of writing a novel: from plot structure, to character development and much more.

The weekly classes will begin on Wednesday, October 12th. For more information, click the On-line Writers Group link at

Get Media Coverage!

If any publicity is good publicity, then free publicity is even better. Imagine the kind of buzz your company can attract with a mere mention in a magazine, on the radio, TV, or on a blog. It can literally put you on the map and help boost sales. And the best part is, all of this is possible without costing you a dime.

This workshop will teach you the tricks of the trade: how to craft your pitch, how to get a journalist’s attention and how to ace that interview once you secure it.

Join two bestselling authors/journalists, ReShonda Tate Billingsley and Pat Tucker and learn the tricks of the trade.

Tuesday, October 18th 8PM EDT. Only $20.00. Register at www.achapteramonth

Something Round… Something Blue… Something New For You!

Your Team has been working hard to bring you the very best service and products to your finger tips. Granted we have experienced some growing pains, which we all have felt, as your support team we want to thank you very much for your input and patience.

New things to be aware of:

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