Want to just patronize me only? Books exclusively available on My Literary World! #readers

When most readers view my work they want to get all the books that are connected to that one book and then there are the others who just want to support me and download strictly from the site.

There are a lot of stories available on this this exclusively, which is why a lot of readers find themselves spending hours here.

Trust I don’t mind. I like that you stay, put your feet up or even bookmark this site for more entertainment. Please don’t forget to subscribe to updates because you never know what a new day may bring. …

To help out people who just want to find all the stories intricately weaved on this extensively site, here is the list to help you out:

The prior are all FREE and available either in a post or available for download on the site.

The paid books are:

Once you pay through Payloadz (similiar to payloadz), you’re able to download the books in PDF and send to your favorite reader or mobile device.

No excuse now! Take the FREE and then get the exclusives right away ! Of course, you can view all my books to buy, collect and give as gifts at:


Like I said, I might be offering more soon!

xoxo, your author:

Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Want to just patronize me only? Books exclusively available on My Literary World! #readers

  1. I have read all of your books that I could get my hands on I think I’m caught up just waiting for more from you. Looking forward to more

    1. And don’t forget that hope is love is only available on the site in epub and pdf! thanks Linda for your support. leave a review where you can! xoxo

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