How to Love a Black Woman Update: My 20 Most Rewatchable Movies & 21 Personal Finance Lessons From #HarryPotter

Although rarely mentioned here, Like I’m Supposed to, I have another blog called How To Love A Black Woman. I still make updates to it as you can see and thought there was a really good post that I wanted to share with everyone that I’d be honored if you checked out.

20 Most Rewatchable Movies of all times at LoveABlackWoman #movies

I loved this post by Pace J Miller

If you’ve followed me over there then you know how much I love movies. Every once in a while I’ll even post a movie review over here as well.
Pace Miller posted a great 20 Most Rewatchaable Movies of all times.
oh this was a good one! here’s mine: Once you read them, make sure you add and comment on them as well.


21 Personal Finance Lessons From Harry Potter

With the movie coming out, I thought this article was an eloquent way to talk about the movie and my love for the “boy who lived.”

As a single mother, I’m always looking at my personal finances to make the most of it to better my situation and I loved these tips in correlation to the book.