Writing Wednesday: You asked for it…. Sequel to Boom! Boom! Boom! Coming Monday, June 27th #amwriting #readers #syllit

It was just a matter of time before started knocking those short bits out the way.

Well, Boom! Boom! Boom! was one of my first shortest ones that constantly was asked to finished.

I didn’t want the regular kind of romance story with this one, but I think I really did round it up fine. I didn’t leave a cliffhanger, but I’m sure you’ll like how things turned out with Andi. I might bring her back later in another story as well.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on the rest of the story though and Monday, it’ll be all yours.

I did change the name slightly to Consensual. I was going to add more the name, but there really was no point in doing that. This story will be available exclusively in PDF and only available on this website.

So what do you think of the cover? Have you read Boom! Boom! Boom! yet? (If not, click here) And if you’ve read Boom! Boom! Boom! what did you think of that story? Comment below or click-through to the story and leave a private comment in the feedback form!

coming soon!