Hope Is Love – Chapter 18.1 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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This part of the story is no longer available in this blog post.  THIS post was kept to keep the story’s comment from the original live story. To purchase your copy in ebook or paperback, please go to:



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10 thoughts on “Hope Is Love – Chapter 18.1 (#amwriting) Free Live Work In Progress

  1. So this is the same Jaelen from “Stealing Innocence”, I thought he had progressed past being an asshole. Ethan bought the building James & Hope were hiding in?…this is so Hope can’t return to it? Wow that was unexpected
    …hopefully if she has nowhere to return to it will keep Hope from leaving James…great chapter!

  2. I’s glad that Ethan is being nice. I know its taking a lot. Ok but I;m ready for them to be back at the house. so the SHHH can hit the fan. LMAO

  3. So is there any chance the female street doctor will make an appearance being that Chance is around? Was her name Mackenzie ? And I know Onyx is coming can’t wait for that to go down. Keep up the great work Sylvia.: )

  4. It’s so dissappointing to see Literary World in my inbox only to find no next chapter…almost wish I’d waited until the book was completed before I started reading it….NOT…waiting nearly on th’ edge of my seat to see what’s going to happen when they get back to the house and Hope lets James know she recognized Monica’s voice from the alley….bring it on!

  5. You know Sylvia, Jaelen is the man that everyone loves to HATE!!! Me being one in particular. I wonder why he hates James so much???? I know that he didn’t go after Kimberly did he or did this hatered come from their childhoods?

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