Hope is Love Chapter 16 – Live Work In Progress #amwriting

Hope is Love – Chapter 15.2 – Work in Progress – Live Story Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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This part of the story is no longer available in this blog post.  THIS post was kept to keep the story’s comment from the original live story. To purchase your copy in ebook or paperback, please go to:



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9 thoughts on “Hope is Love Chapter 16 – Live Work In Progress #amwriting

  1. I have a bad feeling about this Monica. I’m glad that Nicole told her off. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  2. Clean never smells so good. Love that part.overall wonderful story line

  3. What is that saying about earsdropping and coursity….you might heard something you don’t like and it killed the cat.

  4. I think Monica is dirt waiting to settle…hoping Nicole and Jona put the hammer down on this one as she does not seem trustworthy and is more than likely a real threat to Jame’s safety. I’m thinking Hope will end up saving James again and this time maybe she’ll end up saving herself too…

  5. Great chapter, I knew that Monica was phony! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  6. I think Monica came over to make sure he was alive, because I think she knows he should be dead, its probably money!!! I’m glad that Nicole can see through her BS. Great chapter, I can’t wait for the next one. Please hurry. LOL

  7. thanks for updating sylvia!!! im glad nicole told monica about herself a little bit. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont let her go with them on hopes makeover day!!!! i would love for her and nicole to get to bond and for hope to really enjoy herself and be pampered. that wont really happen if that stankho is around. even though its excruciating i like how youre taking it slow and building the story a piece at a time. i cant wait to see hopes reaction when she sees herself for the first time post pampering. it goes without saying that james is gonna lose his mind lol!!! more please!!

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