#Writing Wednesday: some people’s insane is usually another person’s sane

I was going to put this remark into a blog comment, but decided to make it into a blog post.

The title of my blog post came from the character King Heart.

Now if you haven’t journeyed with me in this past year, you haven’t gotten a chance to meet the maniacal man that Lethal Heart has ever reason to want to kill.

He’s borderline insane, but he’s not crazy.

He’s not crazy.

I truly believe everyone has a little bit of insanity in them.

Some people just can’t control their insanity and you hear about that part. The murderers, the rapists, and more.

I wouldn’t even put King into a serial killer, stalker type of crazy.

He (in his head) truly feels that there is a meaning to his madness and all his actions are justifiable.

Writing him is scary on another level, but he brings peace when I bring him into the story. It’s like I can say when King is around there is something bad going to really happen to the bad people.

Now Blaque is another matter….

To be continued at another time

3 thoughts on “#Writing Wednesday: some people’s insane is usually another person’s sane

  1. so sylvia, what are you saying? is he going to get his own story? if so bring it already. i have read almost all of your books that i could find. so please give me king’s story.

  2. I’m looking forward to venturing into King Hearts World. Keep us posted on when his story hits the shelves.

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