Hope Is Love – Chapter 15 Live Work In Progress | And Weekend Notes

This weekend served as a reminder to keep my butt at home and stop being nice to people who don’t deserve my niceness.

It was filled with “take up Sylvia’s precious time” while you wallow in your own self misery.

Now I know I speak alot on helping people out, but I have to remember to stop making sacrifices of my time for other people when doing things for them don’t bring me a lick of joy.

Yeah, I’m venting a little, but oh well.

Despite all that mess and drama, (where I’ll vent more in another book), I did receive www.ImEveryWomanExpo.com Woman of the Year award for excellence in Community Service.

Thank you so much!

And also, I had a chance to go to The Vagina Monologues hosted by Frankie Darcell.

I hadn’t seen this stage production in a very long time and I have to say this was the best performance yet.

So so so good!

Of course there was my creative writing class which I’ll blog about later and then there was the honor being on the radio with Ken Blanks Harrell and Mr. Wolf for www.realtalkfm.com speaking on literacy! See the original post by clicking here.

Hope is Love – Chapter 14.2 – Work in Progress – Live Story Hope Is Love

interracial – suspense – romance – sensual noir

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Yes, it was a very busy weekend for me, but I still managed to give birth to this chapter, so enjoy…

This part of the story is no longer available in this blog post.  THIS post was kept to keep the story’s comment from the original live story. To purchase your copy in ebook or paperback, please go to:



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20 thoughts on “Hope Is Love – Chapter 15 Live Work In Progress | And Weekend Notes

  1. Great chapter, thank goodness you found your drive, I was getting antsy!! 🙂

  2. wow thank you for the awesome looooooong chapter sylvia!!!! im so glad she finally told him what happened. im gonna go check out your ebooks later today!! LOVE THIS STORY!!!!! MORE PLEASE!!!!

  3. great chapter, I’m glad Hope got rid of some of her baggage & she’s taking baby steps to a new beginning & is open to new possibilities. Thanks Syl.. more please.

  4. This was a difficult chapter to read because of the reality often found in fiction… which in this case is that there really are animals like the men who abused and raped Hope. David got what he deserved, hopefully the two that repeatedly raped Hope will get theirs ( I hope you won’t write her dealing with HIV or AIDS from that attack…please allow her to miss that bullet) and I seriously can’t wait for King Heart to get his for sending those pigs in to repeatedly rape her (although I can’t understand how they had the ability to rape her after having been raped repeatedly themselves only moments before by King Heart’s orders to his henchmen?). Hopefully someone will return the favor of all the raping to King Heart when it’s his time to pay the piper. (sorry about the length of this post)

  5. I agree this chapter was worth the wait. I love Hope and James and pray that they can have the same chance at happiness as Ethan and Nicole. Thanks so much Sylvia and keep up the great work

  6. Ok Sylvia, I need your help with this one. What is the extent of James’s memory loss? Because as I’m reading the story he shouldn’t be able to remember anything still. So how is it that he would know anything about King Heart or the Heart family if he was truly still totally in the dark, as he is supposed to be pretending to be.


    1. he can’t remember current memories, but due to Ethan’s friendship with Jaelen, who has had personal experience with Lethal Heart, James is familiar with the “stories” about King.

  7. I think Monica is the lady who was with James that night he almost got killed…hmmm.

  8. Wow Sylvia this chapter was intense to say the least. I hope the Hearts do get involved in some way especially Onyx. I like her style. I hope that Jona decides to stick around a little longer and that James has the heart to tell her the truth about his memory. One thing, how did Jona not realize that James knew of King Heart if his memory was lost??? I love the part about Jona watching what a real relationship could turn out to be when she saw Nicole and Ethan make love. Maybe that’s another reason she may stick around and see if she can develope one between her and James.

    1. that was the point of Jona seeing Nicole and Ethan together.

      I will keep that tidbit in mind as I write Chapter 17

      And yes, Onyx will be making an appearance. You really think I wouldn’t bring home girl in when I know her story is coming soon to the forefront.

      Although please dont think I won’t drop Blaque here just to piss her off. LOL

  9. Hey Sylvia,

    I just thought of something, where is Ethan and Nicole’s baby? Wasn’t she pregnant in My substitute wife or is this before the baby? Just trying to figure out the timeline here! 🙂

  10. hey sylvia!! just wondering if you had any idea when you might post the next chapter. im jonesin BAD lol!!!!

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