Playing The Hand Your Dealt

Playing the Hand You’re Dealt
Trice Hickman

Samantha and Emily have been friends from the day they met at Spellman.

Samantha has always had a very privileged life, on the right side of town with two “perfect” parents. She lives her life fearlessly and bold

Emily is focused and has moral values and is a loyal friend.

From the day these two met, they were bonded for life, close as sisters could ever be
But there is a third party in this bond…
Samantha’s father, Ed, a decent, conscientious and honorable man.

Ed has been in love with Emily from the moment he laid eyes on her 12 years ago. The man he is would not act or even acknowledge the forbidden fruit.

Emily is in love with a man nearly twice her age, Samantha’s father.

Brenda, Ed’s status climbing, drama queen and bourgeois wife; is so focused on herself and being the socialite, has a thing on the side that knows her better than she knows.

Gerti the wise and knowing housekeeper knows everyone’s secrets and lies, of 25 years.

What has slowly simmered for 12 years is about to come to a boil but who will get burned?

This sexy and well told story by author Trice Hickman is a 5 star sexy read. I loved how Trice told the story from several angles, my side your side, and the other side. All of the characters and the story lines were believable and well thought out. The dilemmas were absolutely delicious that left you very satisfied with the not so tall tale.
Debra Owsley

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  1. Thanks Debra! I'm so glad you enjoyed, Playing the Hand You're Dealt, and I appreciate you spreading the word about my book!


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