Diamond In The Rough – Part 37 and chat soon?

Diamond In The Rough

Part 37 (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?


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“Diamond,” Rob said as he caressed a hand lightly over her thigh.

She trembled and groaned as her only way to protest being awakened from a deep almost coma like sleep.

“Are you still hungry?” he questioned.

The thought of the food burning brought her quickly to reality and she looked up at him. Rob was still fully dressed and she was not. Although this presented an awkward situation, she remembered what her uncle said about the pills Rob was taking. This was really quite new for her to be with a man and having herself pleased more than he was pleasured, but if the pills were helping Rob keep a straight head then she wouldn’t pressure him to get rid of them. In time, maybe he would see they were just a placebo.

Diamond knew telling him the pills were not needed wouldn’t make him stop and it wouldn’t help him become a better person.

“Isn’t it burned?” she questioned.

He shook his head. “I turned off the oven.”


“Before it was fully warm.”

“I don’t remember.”

“You weren’t supposed to.”

She blushed and sat partially up. “I’m starving.”

He left the room to go to the kitchen and she smiled relaxed fully and quite sated. Pulling the robe over her, she closed her eyes for a moment. In the back of her mind, her conscious wanted to curse her for allowing this man to turn her emotionally and spiritually inside out, but at that moment, she was feeling so good, she didn’t care.

A few minutes later, he returned with a plate of food and despite being warmed repeatedly, everything still tasted quite good.

“Did you want me to get you anything to wear?” he questioned.

“You’re being too nice, Rob,” she said. “What are you after?”

“Nothing.” He held up his right hand. “I swear, but I do want to know why you had a change of heart about me, knowing everything you know about me.”

She bit her lip and knew eventually that question would have to come up. His foreplay could make a woman lose her mind willingly, but Diamond was always grounded in reality all her life. There was no way to get around that he was a bad man, yet her gut wasn’t telling her this and her gut had never been wrong. “Simply because you’re not the same man on paper.”

He frowned and then leaned over to kiss her lightly. “No ones ever told me that. Why do you believe so?”

Intrigue as to why she had been rewarded with a kiss for no reason, she answered his question, “From what you show me. My mother always taught me to believe action speaks louder than words.”

This time when he kissed her there was more passion involved and this time the kiss lasted longer.

“If I’d known I could get delicious kisses like this I’d have said this a long time ago.”

He tenderly kissed her neck and she giggled some more. “I just like what you said.”

“A simple thank you would have sufficed,” she teased. He was about to lean in for more, but she knew she would definitely get distracted again if he started kissing on her again. “Wait!” she insisted. “Personally, you are not my problem, Rob. It’s just that, during your time you served in prison with Rube.”

He frowned deeply. “And you’re suspicious that Rube and I could know each other?”

“It could be possible.”

“It could,” he said with a skeptic brow raised. “But most times I was in solitary confinement. Rube wouldn’t have the balls to come on my side of the prison if he was there. The more I know about him, the more I believe he wouldn’t have the constitution to last in jail.”

“So you aren’t going to dispute it nor are you confessing,” she pointed out.

“I won’t. You know my rap sheet. Whatever I say it’s never believed. I let everyone come to their own conclusions. Do you really think I’m in cohorts with Rube?”

She took the last bite of food and said, “I’m just asking you and I would like a yes or no answer.”


author’s note: don’t forget the chat session….


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