Diamond In The Rough – Part 32


Diamond In The Rough

Part 32  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?


There was a moment of silence on the other end before he said, “When your mother was alive I really believed that he knew where the diamonds could be. Thirty million dollars is lot to ignore; Especially since he insisted on living like a pauper and allowed your mother to make the majority of their income. In my belief, he wasn’t saying anything because he loved your mother, so very much. He didn’t want to let her see that her man was a big thief and he didn’t want to put her life in jeopardy as long as his cohorts were alive. The man adored her and worshipped the ground she walked on. That’s why I was never worried about my sister’s life because I knew she had a man who could protect her; Even if he was a thug.”

Diamond smiled remembering all the many times she would see her step father sneaking kisses to her mother’s neck, holding her for no reason at all and performing romantic gestures just because. Those memories were something she desired for herself and could see why she was single now because she wanted a bad boy like her stepfather, but also a man who could be only tender with her.

Reichard continued. “My doubt of his guiltiness started to wane after all his cohorts died and then your mother…” He paused sadly.”I started to feel a man wouldn’t wait that long to cash in on something so valuable, would he?”

“No, it wouldn’t make sense at all,” she agreed.

“So I’ll look this name up and give you a call back as soon as I can.”

“Thanks Uncle Reichard.” Once she was off the phone with him, she could actually think clearly enough. Getting home, she jumped into a long shower.

Her conscious was still on Rob, even as she took her shower and thought about his lips and hands and body and…

She missed him and wanted more.

“No, you don’t.” She told herself as she stepped out the shower and turned the water off.

Drying off, she faintly heard her phone ring and rushed to it almost hoping it was Rob on the other end.

To her surprise, it was her uncle calling back. “Hey, Uncle Reichard. Is everything okay?”

“Are you sitting down?” his voice was full of dread.

Even though she already was, she shifted her weight to prepare for what she just knew was bad news.




3 thoughts on “Diamond In The Rough – Part 32

  1. I don’t think that it’s bad. I think her uncle is going to say someone is setting him up! That’s what I think he is going to say.

  2. I hope it’s not more bad news but then again Diamond has been told some horrible stuff already about Rob ( no thanks to Nick), I don’t think there could be more, ok I hope..

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