Diamond In The Rough – Part 18


Diamond In The Rough

Part 18  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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“You can’t what?”


“I can’t perform. I’m on medication to make sure of that.”


She narrowed her eyes with that skeptic look again. “And does that mean you won’t be able to finish what you started? Because a real man –“


He grabbed her arm and yanked her body against his. “Are you issuing a challenge?”


She smiled wickedly. “Only a real man would accept-“


Kissing her to stop her from talking, yet he didn’t expect her to respond so voraciously. Rob took control feeling how his hands seem to drive her crazy. Kissing on her neck even took her farther.


She was used to being in control, but there was something about him, she seemed to not be able to resist him. He loved this power over her.


Guiding her over to the counter all the while turning off the stove and oven on the way, he lifted her up and firmly sat her down so he wouldn’t have to be encumbered by her five foot four height compared to his six foot three.


He was definitely going to rise to her challenge and make her eat her harsh words. Her dress moved out of his way as he hungrily kissed her skin and made his way down her neck. As soon as he unhooked her bra, he ravenously sucked each nipple deeply into her mouth. Her dark brown tip aureoles tasted like hot buttery chocolate. His fingers clearly frustrated her more as they pushed past her silk underwear, to a richer, softer wet haven. Her temperature was rising and he loved that it was he that had done this blissful damage to her senses.


Her hands massaged, clawed and even pounded at his back as her breath continued to catch in her throat. He had her wildly revved up until he could understand her body. At that moment, he slowly brought her to fruition, enjoying how she seemed to pulse and vibrate all over. A tear rolled down her cheek as her nails dug into his shoulders. He didn’t even mind the pain. It was something he hadn’t felt in a long while and he knew he had given her something she would never forget.


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  2. Hot Dang!!!! You know that you are no good Sylvia. It was getting good and juicy between them and you just cut all of us off. Waiting on pins and needles. I say let Rob off the meds so he can really show her what he can do.

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