Diamond in The Rough – Part 16


Diamond In The Rough

Part 16 (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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He looked behind her still expecting to see the cops behind her despite the fact that she stood there alone looking and smelling good.


“Are you going to invite me in or at least help me with these bags?” she asked.


“What the hell are you doing here?” he questioned perplexed as to why the cops weren’t with her.


“I promised you dinner and I do mean to do so. Now let me in before your neighbors start to think I’m some crazy lady.”


“You are,” he said, but as he spoke, he took all the bags from her and took them to his kitchen.


She followed him having the courtesy to close and lock the doors behind her. He could see her looking around his place. First critically and then calmly.


“What?” he asked, wondering what was going through her mind.


“I take it you don’t have the eight roommates and living like all you want a woman around is for sex and maid service.”


He shrugged a thick shoulder. “I didn’t want to call you wrong. It looked like you wanted to be very right about what you thought of me. I can take care of myself and clean up after myself just fine.”


“And you don’t live in your mother’s basement?” she questioned.


“My parents are both dead. My father abandoned my mother before I was born and he’s dead now, but my mother died in childbirth and I was basically raised in foster homes all over the city, but not without carrying around what I inherited from my father.” He followed her eyes to the towel he was still wearing and had kind of slid down to show his hips. Most likely she hadn’t heard a word he had said. “I’d better put on something more appropriate.”


“I’ll get to cooking,” she said a little breathlessly.


He quickly went into his room and put on some jogging pants and a t-shirt. By the time he returned she had just put something in the oven and was bending down looking in his cabinets over his pots and pants.


“Looking for something?” he questioned.


“A large pot.” She reached in the cabinet and pulled out a pot and put it on the stove.


He leaned against the doorway watching her cook and it was a nice feeling seeing her there.


“Does this have to do with your father?” she inquired.