Diamond In The Rough – Part 9


Diamond In The Rough

Part 9  (Genre:Romantic Suspense)
A story of chances, stealing, and love inside a city & man where all hope is gone. Can one woman change his destiny? Or will loneliness take over and leave him hopeless?

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“The Internet has a load of information about everything; Including the name Diamond Michelle Peterson in Detroit.”



She frowned. “You don’t look like a man who would use the Internet.”



Just to see what she thought of him, he asked, “And what type of man do you think I am?”



“Do you want the honest version or the make me feel good version?”



“I’m a big boy. I think I can take your honesty.”



Her eyes assessed him from top to bottom. He liked how she only reached his chest without her heels standing next to his sturdy six foot frame. It was so tempting to pull her into his arms and feel her body melt on his would be almost too easy. She wasn’t intimidated by his size, not in the least.



“I thought you were some dumb thug most likely without a valid driver’s license or registered to vote. I’m suspecting about three baby momma’s and six kids? Living either in a relative’s basement or in an apartment with other thugs coming and going.”



“What about my job?” he questioned crossing his arms over his chest.



“Hustling and stealing, of course.”



“Of course.” He pulled out his wallet and placed his voter’s registration and driver’s license on the table.”



Skeptically she leaned over and verified the validity. “Thirty five?”



“Would you like to see the work I.D.?”



“What do you do?” she inquired.



“Nothing as glorious as stealing and hustling.” Reaching down and taking his hands, she rubbed her fingers over his knuckles. Obviously she had no idea what her touch was doing to him and he was so glad that she was looking down at his hands because did not see him close his eyes and lick his lips.



“You’re a very hard working man Rob,” she said genuinely impressed.



“Thanks. It pays the bill and keeps me out of trouble. Just hard labor at a factory.”



She looked up at him and smiled. “But you’re paying for something much higher than what money can pay for, aren’t you?”



“Everyone’s got secrets. Everyone’s got a past, right?”



She turned to the table letting go his hands. “Speaking of the past, Rube’s father had his own.” She pointed down to some articles in the scrap book. “He was supposedly involved in a diamond heist in New York twenty-five years ago but the take was never recovered.”



“How much was the take?” he questioned.



“Over thirty million dollars,” she answered.



He looked at her seriously. “And were you the only one at his death bed?”



“Yes. Rube had disconnected from his father a long time ago. He was just waiting for him to die”



“So you were there when he took his last breath?” he questioned.



“Yes,” she insisted.



“And not once did this man confess any of his secrets or more to the point where those diamonds were?”



She narrowed her eyes warily and walked away from him towards where she had placed her purse.



He followed her thinking she wanted him to.



Suddenly she turned around, pulling out a .357 magnum and aiming the gun like an expert marksman right to his chest.



Immediately freezing, holding his arms up, Rob hope this was not his day to die.

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