Writers Request: I need help on how to request author’s 2our writing group

Inviting authors to your events, writing groups or conferences can be quite an easy experience.

Most authors would like to sell books and not just at bookstores. Having non-bookstore events for an author helps them out in getting the word out about their literary endeavors in a more exciting way.

First you have to find the author in your area.

In Michigan, I would say there are three good ways of finding an author in your area.

1. The Library of Michigan has an Author’s and Illustrators Database located at:

Just put in the city or surrounding cities and you can find authors all over the state.  (PS If you’re an author from Michigan or living in Michigan you can also add yours to this database.)

Click here to See Other MI Authors

2. Check www.BookTour.com to find local authors in your area. This is becoming the fastest way for authors to find speaking engagements and to list their engagements. You can also put register and let people know you’re looking for authors as well.

3. The Michigan Literary Network often lists events that are scheduled for authors and also they list new authors that are coming out with books or any other book news where you can always stay informed with authors in Michigan or coming to Michigan. Sign up for updates at: http://MichiganLiteraryNetwork.com.

Some authors who live far away may not mind to travel and my mother used to always the worse anyone can say when you ask them a question is no. (And what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger to ask again… later on.)

Now usually the invitation takes just a letter, email or phone call. In today’s technology I would suggest an email first.

Find their website or Facebook Page and send them a message. The invite can be as simple as saying:


My name is Sylvia Hubbard and I am the moderator of The Motown Writers Network. We’re a Metro Detroit Writing Group that meets face to face every second Saturday from 10am to noon at the local Barnes and Nobles at Wayne State University. There are usually about 15 to 20 minimum members present at each meeting that are always eager to learn about the craft or writing and the business of publishing.

The Motown Writers Network would like to cordially invite you to speak at our upcoming discussion about your writing endeavors and literary life. We would be able to sell your books if they are available through major distribution inside of the store or we can work on a consignment agreement so you would at least profit from your endeavors.

(Place time and date specific of the event you would want them to speak at here. If you can give a love offering, travel or gas expense, place this information here as well. Put contact information information here also.)

Thank you so much in advance for considering our group.


Sylvia Hubbard,
Author and Founder of Motown Writers Network

(You can also include your phone number to reach you here.)

Most authors will contact you immediately, but I usually will follow it up with another email after a week or another mode of contact just in case my email was sent to spam.

I hope this helps you on getting authors.

Oh by the way, I’m always available and you can contact me. I’d love to come up there in the summer of next year if you would like.

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