Monday Morning Motivation – "You are the Boss of You"

Monday Morning Motivation
“You Are The Boss of You”


We have a tendency to torture ourselves.  We over book ourselves.  We take on more than we can handle.  We help other people more than we help ourselves.  Do any of these behaviors sound familiar? 

What I have eventually come to realize is that in the past I made my life a lot harder than it had to be.  Sometimes we take our lives and ourselves way too seriously.  As an entrepreneur, I am my own boss.  But as people, we are all the bosses of our own lives.  Therefore, we have the power to make our lives work for us. 

How can you readjust your day to day routine to reduce unnecessary stress?  Here are a couple of simple suggestions…

Pay Yourself First

When I say this, I don’t just mean money. Time and energy are just as valuable as money.   Do something for yourself first, before you begin to think about what needs to be done for the children, what needs to be done around the house, or what you need to do for work.  Each day, I exercise first, which sets a nice tone for the rest of my day and helps me to have more energy, less stress, and peace of mind in knowing that I took care of myself first.

It doesn’t have to take two hours.  It may just be that you spend the first five minutes of your day in prayer, enjoying your favorite breakfast, or reading a chapter of a juicy novel.  When we neglect ourselves and put all of our energy into others, resentment begins to creep in and take over our joy.  When you put yourself first, if only for a moment, you will feel much better about the things that you do for everyone else.

Make Time For Fun

Some people play too much, but most people don’t play enough.  Play is an integral part of the human experience.  So make some time for fun, or those things that you’ve always wanted to do.  Reintroduce spontaneity into your life.

Go to a carnival, arcade or movie with your mate. Read a book for enjoyment instead of business or school.  Make a spur of the moment decision, throw caution to the wind and just do it!  This week I made a last minute decision to attend an out of town literary event next weekend where some of the biggest authors in the business will be in attendance.  I figure that since I want to be the best, then I’d better surround myself with the best.  So I’ve decided to embark upon this adventure before I begin to create a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t go. Now that I’ve registered for the conference and booked my room, I feel so excited!  I’m excited not only about the experience, which I know will be awesome, but I am excited about taking such a huge leap of faith and doing something that I know that I will enjoy.


This week I challenge you to come up with a simple and manageable plan to make your life work for you.  You are the boss of you, so take charge and adjust accordingly.

Monica Marie Jones

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