Writer Request: Help Me Write My Story

Iget this question and request a lot.

Many times I just want to say, I cannot help you. I have so many stories to write that I do not have the time or the patience to help you.

But what I can do is offer words of encouragement and we can help each other in that department.

For all writers, you don’t need help in doing something you were destined to do except by God. You only need encouragement to show that you’re doing the right thing.

Writer’s Request: Anonymous I really need to get with you in regards to writing a book, etc. We spoke years ago… Now, After getting married, relocating & having another baby Im finally trying to get back to writing & just feel overwhelmed…so many thoughts, ideas, finding time & my rhythm….HELP PLZ!

My Response:

first just write
don’t worry about a beginning or end or what others think just write a the story your heart is telling you
spend one hour each day doing so.
make it a job.
a mission
a test of your faith to what you believe in the  and the goals you want to accomplish in your literary life.

6 thoughts on “Writer Request: Help Me Write My Story

  1. I too am thinking about writing a book, but I am torn between writing my memoirs or writing a fiction story. But I will do as you suggested and go where God leads me and my heart. In the meantime, God bless you and keep crankin em out girlfriend!

  2. Ok I’m going through withdrawls I need me some Another Side Of Love!!!! PLEASE

  3. All your fans are still waiting, is the book over or are you still writing….. Us fans wanna know!

  4. Hi Sylvia,
    I know how busy you are, but I was just wondering if and when you were going to update this story?

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