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Confused! Please let me know… The Other Side of Love Author’s Notes

Please let me know if you’re confused at any point.

Since this is off the top of my head, I have a tendency to have continuity issues.

I’d appreciate if you have some questions about the story to ask when you see them.


as of now we’re clocking close to 38K see above word count) and it looks like we’re going to hit our S.H.T.F. moment. (crap hit the fan moment).

I say that because we’ve got a suspected killer on the island and then there’s the animosity between our mainland couple.

Plus Armando seems like he’s coming around, but even i’m leery about his intentions AND I’M WRITING THE DURN THING!

Yeah, I probably sound like I’m one beer short of a six pack (except I don’t drink.) LOL.

Today I decided to come up with a new workshop called Murder and Mayhem – How to Plot a Good Urban Suspense.

As I make up the workshop, I might ask for your input to see if I’m on the right path and to see what you think.

I think I’m pretty qualified to do that, what do you think?

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