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Preselling For Publishing

How to do the work before the work is done

Pre-Selling? What does it mean?

Getting readers to want to buy your book before it has been printed.
Selling copies of your book before it is printed.
Targeting your niche and building your SEO online

Pre-selling Techniques

Advertise pre-sell on your website with “wiggle” room on the date.
Offer pre-sell prices to customers
Using blogs and serial posts to do your work
Marketing Materials
Use Your Mouth
Review Copies

Other tips to remember…

You can make money pre-selling
Building buzz about your book is very important once the book is finally released to the public
This helps you concentrate on a lot more other things in the initial stages of after the book is released.


Raw Speaker Notes from the Presentation

Selling before you even finish the novel
(ex www.jacquelinedmoore.com)
speaking about work in writing groups by asking help or offering help to other new writers
started blog with her interested readers niche
Networking in writers circles offline and online

selling as you’re going through the editing to pre-design process
Use blogs, promotional material and teasers.
Book trailers, character blogs or interviews in advance.

sellling while you’re waiting for the printing to finish
Presell on discounts
special contests
posting reviews
Special book commemorative editions

Preselling techniques
Advertise on website
wiggle room is two months more added on date of book coming from the printer. use holiday as example

Offer presale prices
40% off the retail price is a great discount to give to your customers.

Blogs and serializing
People don’t buy if they don’t know what it’s about. In order to make people part with their money, they don’t just want the back of the book.
You can give away over half the content and people will still want to buy the book.
set up blogs to discuss the book in detail and post at least up to five chapters or favorite snippets from the book.
Do an interview with yourself about why you wrote the book, who would love to read the book
book trailer using microsoft movie maker and pictures
Podcast the book in parts

Marketing Material
Soon as cover is done you pretty much can start using it everywhere. Make sure it’s on the sidebar of your website immediately. Make it your facebook picture if you have to. Put it on anything and everything possible to make sure you’re showing people this cover and indenify that they want more of it.
example: girl with water bottles and book covers on them.

Using Your mouth
Network, network, network – online and offline
If you’re already published or an established writer, giving away information easily on your upcoming release should be mandatory.
if you’re new, ask people about the methods you used in your book. don’t bore peopel with what the book is about, but asking for suggestions about techniques would interest other authors.
For readers ask what they read and see if you can interest them in what you have coming out next. Get email addresses to follow up later with more updatesfrom your website.

Either get them from your printer or  make them up yourself at a kinkos and cheaper printer. Send these out as soon as your book is finished with the edits or even partially finished to start the buzz in the circulars.
Semi edited versions are tougher to sell and plain covers are cheaper while you put the graphics on the inside of the book to make it difficult for reviewers to post on amazon early.

Pre-Selling Before Publishing Speaker Notes and Powerpoint Presentation (c) 2010 Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

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