Getting to 100K on the site and Eating Dust

There ‘s a first time for everything.

Getting to 100K on a website isn’t one of them.

Before i switched to using blogs I’ve got to say my homestead account (which they haven’t deactivated yet grrrrr….) was banging numbers big time.

After that I was using the Blogspot. Thought I wanted it to be official over until I decided wordpress was where I should be.

Soon i’ll probably make the switch to for this site, but for now, I’ve managed to get everything in one place and see where that will take me, but not before i hit 100K.

Right now, we’re at a 80K. That’s fine, but I think I want to hit the big number so I can say wow, look at me. . . isn’t everyone?


So shallow, but just want to.

We’re really packing it away to The Other Side of Love. I mean, I’m really liking the story more and more and I want to hurry up so bad.

so I think I’m either leaving my fans in my dust or they are just not having their usual times to read.

Either way, we’re on a roll and I think this is going to only get better.

enough for now. Back to your regular schedule.

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