Author’s Note from The Other Side of Love

And let’s take a short break and say wow!

The more I write, the more I grow.

(BTW, if you’re just joining us and need the password to the ongoing live story, it’s: bellini)

I’m doing something different here. Anyone who is familiar with my writing style knows I usually don’t jump.

I’m no Tarantino *(someone who jumps around a story) and usually I go straight through a story.

But with four main characters and two love stories happening at the same time, I had an opportunity to hide some of the story from you.

The last time I dealt with two love stories in one book I would have to say serious it was Road to Freedom. I touched on a partially love story in Stealing Innocence II, and another one as well, but nothing as in depth as this one that I’m working on.

I’m excited about both stories that are happening because there’s only one variation in one, but two variations in the other.

Just don’t know how it can all go and that’s the way love should be – especially in romances.

I will be posting more in the upcoming hours for The Other Side of Love.

I was just working on a surprise for my birthday month for my readers. It was a special treat that came to me last night while I was sleeping. It was so good I had to use the whole morning preparing it.

Birthday month: September! (You’re going to love this!)

Sneak Peek in August …. if you’re good!

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  1. Who!!!! I think I know who the two love storis are in this book. I have figure it out when I post the last time but I need to catch up and read 11.2.

  2. Ok this is really getting good. Is the other love interest going to be Frederic and Taylor? Or Lorenzo and Taylor? Hmmmmmmm!

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