The Dreaded Author’s Note from The Other Side of Love plus RollCall!

If you’ve a live story favorite, these single submissions of Author’s Notes should still make your stomach cringe.

If you’re not, then I should explain them.

Author’s Notes are either going to be good news, updates or foretelling what’s to come.

Not the story, but what I’m going to do with the story.

This one’s just an update.

I should explain the last part you just read. (Referring to Chapter 4)

I have a bestfriend Tavi. She knows pretty much what my story line is (and no trying to hunt her down on FB and bribing her.)

Anyhoo, Tavi added a knew element as I was explaining to her James came back and asked Faith what she was doing

Since i’d already released Chapter 4 and wanted to incorporate what Tavi had instituted, but I either needed to cut the entire first part of chapter 4 and rewrite it with the element or work my fiction magic into giving me what I wanted.

Well, flashbacks work too which will ensure in a few hours. I should post again before noon.

And now back to your regular day. How’s it going for you?

Along with answering that question, we should also do a roll call like I mentioned in the beginning of the book.

I have had two authors swing by and make comments which I’m hyped about:

Kimmie Thomas

Push Nevahda

Support them by checking out their websites.

And you are? (mention your website too!)

6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Author’s Note from The Other Side of Love plus RollCall!

  1. Hey Sylvia whatever works for you, what is easy for you. break it down rewrite and edit chapter. I just happy you are writing the story. Damn Sylvia you put hurting on your characters you scare me sometimes. That why I love you. You don’t hold back you push these characters to their limit and beyond. I hope you have took your nap or relax, I am ready for some action. Is it time for someone to die yet?

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented before. I am enjoying the story and frustrated in equal parts so far. It would be interesting to read the change of direction. Is the enigma of Frederic part of the change? Faith is surprising me, in a good way. She just needs half a metre of lead piping to sort out her husband. Still, can’t wait to see how you ‘reform’ Armando. Poor Faith…
    Dalton….who are you going to inflict him on? Give Frederic some backbone to stand up to him – even if it’s once before he gets fired. I have yet to meet a seriously wealthy person with his type of behaviour. It shows insecurity and a lack of personal control. If he found pleasure/enjoyment in what he said to his secretary, there is something wrong with him. Really in the big scheme of things, what could she do to affect his business? Or is this the twist in the plot? Also I’m disappointed that his cousins witnessed this tirade but said nothing. They need a visit with Momma….real soon. Keep it coming, Ms Hubbard. I need my daily dose.

    1. @Bernadette: enjoying and being frustrated is a nice thing to hear. Frederic may look like the perfect person, but he’s got his own issue. Yet Dalton, though cruel, is a ruthless task master in business and he wouldn’t appoint someone who couldn’t stand next to him just as strong. Frederic has a hidden dark side. Not as cruel and sarcastic as Dalton, but just the same.

      Now as to why the cousins stood by and allowed him to be so cruel or played indifferent to his tirade to the assistant.

      It’s Dalton. He’s cruel just to be cruel.

      Plain and simple. He’s been getting his way for as long as they can remember and his animosity towards the opposite sex is just his way of shielding himself from the power they have.

  3. May I please have the password for The Other Side of Love chapters 2-5.2.
    Thank you

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