Titles & Characters that will Connect to Other Side of Love

I get asked this question a lot and I thought to answer it early so you won’t ask me this.

First off, I want to say, WOW!!! My stats have been shooting over the top of average for the past week and I want to thank you guys so much for the reading love you’re giving me.

Trust me when I say pulling a story off the top of my head is no small feat and that I do so live is even harder, but I love my readers and I love to write, so why not love two birds with one stroke. (Or ten strokes – meaning my fingers).

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BTW, I figured I would help some of you out in finding the story, by adding a tag to the story and also I will update the intro page as each post is added. We’ll go into more detail about that later as I remind others how to catch up that join us late.

At the end I’ll give a list of bookstores that carry the majority of the titles and characters that will be mentioned in this list.

Although as the story progresses I can be prone to add more to the list.

  • Dreams of Reality
  • Deceptive Nights
  • The Mysterious Mr. Black

(and I know that’s not fair since Mr. Black isn’t finished yet, but enough of the storyline for this story is in there to give you a clue as to why I referred to that one).

Significant characters that are in other books:

  • Dalton Bellini
  • Taylor Bellini
  • Armando Bellini
  • Craig Simpson
  • Skye Patterson (Newman) she’s married of course
  • Thaddeus Newman
  • Larouche
  • Lethal Heart (yeah, your favorite)

Now I do make mention of Sharlie Costello a lot because I’m building that evil heifer up for a short teen story I’m working on and also for her debut when of course Dalton finally finds love.

Trust me, that was a big feat to find a woman who would like that evil man. In my head, I think he’s worse than Jaelen and I’m going to give him my most diffiicult woman.

Enough about that,  because you know that’s a big secret.

Back to your regular channel. The book should be posting an update soon. Thanks for enjoying

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