Intro: The Other Side of Love by Sylvia Hubbard

Good morning readers.

Just like you I am excited to be starting on a literary journey that should take us some place we’re all uncomfortable about.

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About the Book:

Stranded on an island with a Bellini who had the biggest chip against anyone African-American, Faith couldn’t believe how her life was getting worse. She never asked to save anyone’s life but her own, but in order for them to survive this ordeal, she will have to risk her life.

Hopefully he will never find out that she was the cause for them being stranded in the first place.

Meanwhile, back on the mainland, Taylor Bellini is LIVID. (As if this is new). Dalton Bellini has chosen the new vice president of Bellini Enterprises and it was NOT Taylor. It will be her personal duty, while Dalton’s away handling the family crisis, to make Frederic Patterson’s life a living hell. Making him miserable, will be a walk in the park.

Your Cliffhanger Queen introduces a new family, new situations and new loves in a live story that will leave you wanting more.

Rules before we start:

  1. I have no idea what’s going to happen even though there are sticky notes or arcs, plots and stuff all around me (or in my handy moleskin) . So don’t call or text me about what’s going to happen next.
  2. I want to finish this one all the way and make it like my Road to Freedom book, but I would love donations along the way here and there to make my life and time a little easier. (Buying books help too)
  3. Comment and invite others. The more I see my stats rise and people commenting, the better the writing will be and the more frequent I will write. Even if its just to say GJ (Good Job) or Yuck that will all do. If you want to question the characters motivation or you don’t understand something, I encourage you to force me to flesh out more. (Even if I have to write an addendum.)
  4. Read the author’s notes. They are very important to the story line. Now if you just want to subscribe to updates on the story to your phone’s email address (if you know it) you can Click Here to Subscribe to Live Story Updates Only of Sylvia Hubbard by Email and then unsubscribe when the story is over. 
  5. No calling or texting threats of unimaginable torture. I’ve renewed the necessary restraining orders. LOL

I think that’s enough rules for now… To understand a live story and to get more details, just go to: for more information.


I’m adding a comment box at the end of this post because the comments close after a while. If you’d like to make a special review of the book after it’s completed, please use the comment box. Thanks

oh I’m still working on those other stories from the lost, damaged and stolen laptops.

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