gETTING ExciteD? LiVe stoRY coming So soOn!

As I prepare to take my brain on another trip, driving and challenging my creative talents to the pinnacle, I’m going to be honest… this crap is hard as all get out.

The act of just starting a story is difficult enough, but to do so live?

Why do I invite the punishment? Why don’t I Just type in the splendor of loneliness that most writers crave with a glass of alcohol and a single candle lit for muse?

What fun would that be?

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?

Anyhoo, along with the challenge of getting this story together, I find my personal life in shambles. You guys know I often share tidbits of what’s going on, but here it is all laid out:

1. My house was robbed and all electric devices were stolen out. This includes my laptop, but that wasn’t what was important. It was the flashdrive that have my babies on it. (My stories.) I really don’t care about the laptop as muchas aI care about that little blue card in the front. I want it back and I’m incomplete without it.

2. I’m finding that I’m smarter than the average bear. And getting more intelligent by the second. This doesn’t sound like it’s a bad thing, but you try to have conversation with a guy you like and find that you can out think him and because you dated a pro wrestler, a pro football player and a bounty hunter, plus know more about killing than anyone this side of the Mississippi cause you’re a mystery and suspense writer, you could probably take him without him knowing. And because I’m a woman, it’ll hurt more. I’ve been studying poisons on top of that, so that makes me even more dangerous. LOL. I don’t know, what the heck it is, but I find that conversation to get in my panties is becoming more boring , when I already know what you’re about to say. I’m enjoying the uncomfortable silences because I’m not surprised by what comes out your mouth anymore.

3. I have two teenagers in my house… a boy and girl… enough said to anyone who knows my frustration in that situation.

4. I was robbed! Even though I said that before, that should count as two because not only did those trifling azz’s take all my stuff, they stole my 8 yr olds LeapFrog. Now any parent who knows about the LeapFrog knows the joy you get when an annoying girl who talks non stop leaves you alone for five hours at a time. Good lawd. I’m dying here for entertainment and conversation. She’s gone through the gambit of every book in her room twice and now she’s starting in on even her sister’s teenage books. She’s craving knowledge like a sponge and no where to turn. Gawd, someone go on Amazon and buy a Leapfrog for this child before I go crazy. (see our amazon wishlist for help to recover )

Now if you don’t understand what this means, my wishlist is for you to help me recover. You can always donate or buy a book. That’s great, but if you want to help my family. Take time and peruse the list to help a sistah out.


You’re probably wondering what the Live Story will consist of?

Can’t tell you right now.

I do have what I want to do in mind, but I know if I tell you, I won’t stop telling and we’ll end up getting out story out earlier than expected.

But yes, I am excited about it all despite everything personal trying to weigh me down.

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BTW, a little hint, read up on the Bellini’s.

3 thoughts on “gETTING ExciteD? LiVe stoRY coming So soOn!

  1. Damn Sylvia your life is like a soap opera too much bullcrap happen in your world. I believe all these bad moments make you stronger. Girl when you give up thats when they win. Tell the devil to get behind you and move out your way because your blessing is coming. Stay strong my sister and GOD BLESS YOU!!! Don’t worry your wish list will be answer.
    Thank you for the story!!!!!

  2. Your headline phrase “getting excited? live story coming so soon! the literary …” is well composed and I can state that you are a terrific person.

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