Been There, Prayed That

Book Clubs, Book Lovers and Avid Readers: BLESSed Selling Author, E. N. Joy,,

delivers the most anticipated book series to hit the shelves.  The “New Day Divas” five book series continues with book two, titled Been There, Prayed That. 

You haven’t met real divas until you’ve met the women of New Day Temple of Faith.  This five book series is a soap opera in print.  And just like a real televised soap opera, it’s filled with drama, romance, chances, coincidences and fate.  But more importantly, it’s filled with characters that will make you feel young and restless, bold and beautiful; all as the world turns upside down.  These divas will be your guiding light to a literary feast.  Don’t miss out on this series of a lifetime, because remember, you’ve only got one life to live!
Been There Prayed That (Urban Christian) by E.N. Joy (Paperback – May 25, 2010)
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 Don’t have to play catch up.  Pick up book one of the series now!
She Who Finds A Husband (New Day Divas) by E.N. Joy (Paperback – Jan 26, 2010)
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Love, Honor, or Stray by E.N. Joy (Paperback – Nov. 30, 2010)
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