ARTICLE: Top 20 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

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Top 20 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site

Posted: 20 May 2010 09:40 AM PDT

Webmasters love targeted traffic and their main objective is to drive maximum targeted traffic to their website or blog. The very survival of your Internet business depends on the targeted traffic you are able to generate. There are several strategies that can be adopted. Some yield good results while others are merely a waste of time and effort.
Given below are top twenty ways of driving targeted traffic that can boost your online business.
1. Submit your website or blog to high page rank quality directories. It is important that you submit to the same theme or category of your website.
2. Submit your site to all the major Search Engines.There are several services that submit for free.
3. Write articles and submit them to all the leading article directories with a live link of your site in the resource box.
4. Sign up with Twitter and Tweet every new article or post.
5. Sign up with Facebook and create a Facebook page with your site URL in it.
6. Join Squidoo and create one or more Lens and link to your site.
7. Obtain Reciprocal links from high page rank websites that are relevant to your website or blog.
8. Submit your articles to all the top social bookmarking sites and social networking sites.
9. Join the leading forums in your niche and actively participate in the discussions, giving replies and solutions to questions and leave your blog URL along with your signature behind.
10. Leave helpful comments in quality blogs related to the theme of your website.
11. Every time you post a new entry, make it a point to ping your Blog. Two popular pinging services sites are Pingomatic and Blog Pinger.
12. SEO is extremely important. Optimize your content for targeted keywords to ensure that your site appears high in the search results.
13. Search Engines love fresh content. Hence updating your site with fresh content will ensure that your site is crawled by the spiders frequently.
14. Have a “Tell a Friend” script in your Blog so that visitors who appreciate your content will be able to e-mail their friends.
15. Visit quality blogs relevant to the theme of your blog and write useful, constructive and appreciative comments.
16. Write authoritative articles displaying your expertise and exchange articles with other relevant quality sites.
17. Participate in Yahoo Answers, especially in areas relevant to your site and leave a link to your site in your answers.
18. Ensure that you have your signature with your site URL in every e-mail that you send out.
19. Have Bumper Stickers made displaying your business and website URL prominently. This will be viewed by thousands of people everyday.
20. Print Business Cards with your website URL and distribute them to people at every opportunity you get in business meetings, workshops and seminars.
Implementing successfully these top twenty ways of driving targeted traffic to your site means only one thing. Your online business can never fail. Generating a never ending continuous stream of traffic 24/7 will without doubt bring in more customers and more sales. This is what this whole exercise is about.
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