Fat Kills by K Reid! An Urban Thriller Set in The Metro Washington Area!

Fat Kills
Fat Kills
By: K.Reid
An urban thriller set in the Washington Metropolitan area.
Published: December 2009
Publisher: K.Reid Productions
204 pages 

Mia Nickole Rose is a beautiful, full-figured, witty, aspiring songstress who feels stuck in her unfulfilling life. A struggling artist in Washington D.C.’s metropolitan area desperate to make ends meet, Mia’s life spirals horrifyingly out of control, deep into a world of insanity and murder when she is invited to a party that she will never forget. She is offered an ultimatum and, in exchange for her life, takes on a job working for a serial killer hell-bent on vengeance. Mia’s struggles with her finances and self-esteem become minute, while she focuses to stay sane, unharmed and alive.

Mia’s new “employer” will stop at nothing to keep her in his grasp. While the soundtrack of her life plays in the background, Mia is forced to distance herself from family, friends and even the love of her life in order to protect them from her hidden secrets.

Fat Kills is a must-read which will leave its audience astonished, angry and afraid. Yes, very afraid…


K.Reid is a native of Washington D.C but was raised primarily in Kettering, a small enclave in Maryland’s Prince George’s County. She graduated from Suitland High School and then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in print journalism from Howard University. Currently, she is pursuing her master’s degree in Organizational Communications at Bowie State University.
A local girl, through and through, K.Reid enjoys rooting for her favorite sports team, the Washington Redskins. Additionally, her hobbies include watching political commentary, listening to music and reading. Some of her favorite writers and inspirations include Anita Shreve, J.K. Rowling, V.C. Andrews, Sister Souljah and Dan Brown.

K.Reid is currently pursuing several endeavors which include singing, music production, acting, screenwriting and directing. Fat Kills is her first novel. An entrepreneur at heart, she is the CEO of  K.Reid Productions and is the co-founder of Transcend. Event Management & Consulting.

Fat Kills
 Chapter 2 Snippet 

      Mia grabbed the directions to the house in Fort Washington and hopped on the beltway towards Richmond. She turned on her iPod and cranked the O’Jays “Money” followed by Mickey Factz “Good Money.” Mia sang along and blasted the third song, “Hussel.”
      Damn, this shit cranks. Glad I got over my obsession with “Paper Planes” and listened to M.I.A.’s whole CD. She is vicious as hell and her lyrics are tight as shit. It’s true that money ain’t everything, but everyone I know thinks about hustlin’ all the time. Makin’ that paper is the only way to live comfortably, and comfort is the key to true happiness.
      Her stomach fluttered with butterflies as her nerves went to war with her body.
      I hope these fools aren’t crazy and don’t try to kill me.
      Mia laughed at her twisted humor.
      I know I’m going to be the fattest one there as usual. I’m bad as hell, though. Fuck those people. I can’t second guess myself, especially when I need this money. Damn, I’m thirsty as hell but my bladder is the worst and I’m not trying to piss every five seconds when I get there.
      Mia’s bladder was notoriously weak to the point where her Howard U friends nicknamed her “Pissy Lala” whenever they partied in Adams Morgan. Many drunken nights had ended with Mia marking her territory in random areas along 18th Street.
      She arrived in an older neighborhood that screamed money. Fort Washington had its suspect parts, but there were really nice areas that had huge mansions, manicured lawns, and swimming pools. Mia was awestruck and wished she could afford a big ass house like these.
      At least my parents have almost made it to this point although they are struggling like crazy to keep both of their houses.
      She pulled around the back of the house and parked her truck.
      Let me get this shit over with.
      Mia walked up to the door, grabbed a piece of Stride gum out of her purse, and applied a last-minute coat of lip gloss to her full lips. She rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer.
      Go get ’em girl.
      A tall, slim man came to the door and she thought she saw a brief look of shock in his eyes.
      “You must be Mia, I’m Gio. Please come in.”
      “Hi Gio, nice to meet you.”
      “God, you have a beautiful smile, you have a beautiful everything,” he replied as he looked her up and down.
      She thanked him and walked into the house.
      Damn this is some nice shit!
      She walked into the foyer and peeped the opulence. The soft scents of patchouli and peaches filled her nose, and she stood still for a moment to take everything in. The Oriental rugs screamed expensive, so Mia decided to walk on the hardwood floor instead.
      “Everyone is in the room to your right. You are the last guest to arrive so we’ll all talk in about 30 minutes, after everyone has had time to mingle. Can I get you a drink?” he asked.
      “Oh, no thank you. I’m good,” she replied as she thought about her weak bladder.
      Damn I’m thirsty as hell, but I want to get in, listen to this fool, and get out with my money.
      “Are you sure? “Everyone else is drinking. It might ease your nerves.”
      “Oh naw, I’m sure. I’m not a big drinker,” she replied.
      “Well, I have water and juice if you like. Just let me know.”
      Mia politely declined again and walked into the room where everyone mingled in small groups. The room was a soft shade of purple, and had full-length windows that had the softest, golden-colored, velvet curtains she had ever seen. She smiled as she walked around the room taking in the scene. Soft familiar music played in the background.
      Is that The Foreign Exchange’s “House of Cards?” What do they know about muthafuckin Phonte??? That is my shit!
      She felt more at ease and began singing softly as she focused her attention on the food. There were large fruit spreads all around the room, and chicken and beef kabobs with yellow rice on the side.
      Damn, that shit looks good as hell. I would fuck up at least 10 of those kabobs, and I looove yellow rice. Fuck that, my stomach is already messin’ wit’ me. I ain’t eatin’ a damn thing tonight.
      It only took a few minutes for Mia to realize she was definitely the biggest one in the room. She counted 15 somewhat attractive model types. There were nine women and six men mingling with each other and giving Mia dirty looks.
      Oh, I know these motherfuckers ain’t trying to judge me because I’m not as skinny as them. That skinny bitch think I ain’t hear her ass say all the food is gonna disappear as I walked past the food trays. I might be fat, bitch, but you got a butta face: everything looks good but ya damn face. Yuck! That dude’s teeth look like someone snatched them out, had the crap game of the century, and threw them back in his raggedy ass mouth.
      Two women in the corner gave her a look and started whispering and laughing as she walked toward one of the plush couches so she could cop a squat.
      Oh, I know those dog-faced broads ain’t tryin’ to joan on me. I mean, they literally have hound faces: one looks like a damn Doberman Pinscher and the other one looks like a Bulldog, with her smush face self.
      Mia laughed to herself as she continued to clown the rest of the room.
      Oh man, her shoes are leanin’ like shit! How your dress gonna look hot but your shoes are ran the fuck over?!?!?
      An extremely muscular guy walked over in Mia’s area and hovered around for two minutes waiting for her to speak.
      “Can I help you?” she asked with a slight attitude.
      “Oh, I was wondering how long it was going to take for you to talk to me. I’m Horace,” he replied confidently.
      “Aren’t you going to tell me your name?”
      “Mia,” she huffed
      “Not too biiiiiig on words, huh,” he said with a smirk.
      I know this dabblin’ ass nigga better get the fuck outta my face. It looks like he’s been pumpin’ the ‘roids. I know his shit is only twooooooo ennnnnnches.
      She laughed at her reference to one of her classic weed movies How High.
      “How did you find out about this party?” she finally asked.
      “Oh, well, I got an email about this escort thing and I’m down. I’ll fuck the shit out of a old, rich broad for money. I fuck for free now, might as well get paid for it you know?” he responded.
      “Wow, that was a bit much. I hope you don’t tell your future clients that,” she replied snottily.
      Fed up with her stank attitude, he surveyed her body and rebuffed, “Well, at least I’ll have clients. I don’t see why anyone would pay to fuck you. You got a lot goin’ on.”
      “Yeah, well you got a lot goin’ on just in the wrong places. You know the ‘roids make your shit shrink dumb ass,” she laughed as her eyes surveyed his body and stopped at his crotch. “I don’t know why anyone would want to pay for something we both know you ain’t got.”
      Horace’s face got tight as hell as he tried to come up with a stinging counter.
      They were interrupted once Gio entered the room.
      “I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. Please grab your drinks and follow me into the adjacent room so we can get down to business,” Gio instructed.
      Everyone filed out of the room, Mia was the last to exit. She heard squeals of excitement as people grabbed the envelopes filled with cash.
      Aight, that’s a bet. Let me grab my cash and listen to what dude has to say so I can take my ass back home.
      Mia briefly glanced around the room and noticed the room was sparse as hell.
      Dammit my feet hurt in these heels. How you gonna have a meeting with one couch and one chair? I’m not tryin’ to stand up all damn night.
      She walked up to the table and realized all of the envelopes were gone.
      “Umm… excuse me, did anyone grab my envelope by mistake?” she asked loudly.

    No one responded. Instead, they continued their conversations and laughed. She heard one woman reply, “Oh they didn’t forget. Who would pay her fat ass to fuck?”

      Everyone in the room laughed and Mia fought the urge to walk over and snatch her weave out of her head.
      I don’t understand why hoes think all them damn tracks are cute. The shit clearly isn’t your hair and the bitch has the nerve to have black roots with blonde ends. Lookin’ crazy as hell.
      Mia ignored the laughs and ran to catch Gio
      “Hey Gio, Gio,” she yelled but he had already left and closed the door.
      She tried to open the door but was stuck when she realized it was locked.
      Why the hell is the damn door locked?
      She tried the door again and fought off the urge to panic.
      Okay, okay be easy. Maybe the shit is stuck…naw man, this shit is locked!
      “Ummm…do ya’ll realize that this door is locked?” she yelled.
      No one paid her any mind especially since they were tipsy and siced about their money. Mia made her way toward the back of the room and sat in the back watching the crowd. She pulled out her phone to try and call someone, anyone, to let them know where she was. Unfortunately, her raggedy ass Nextel didn’t have a signal, like always.
      Damn it! Why didn’t I at least text Dani and let her know where I was going? So fuckin’ stupid, Mia. I swear, you’re the genius of the year.
      Mia got ‘noid as shit when she saw one of the girls complain that she was dizzy.
      “Damn I need to sit down. I’m not feeling so well.”
      Horace, the asshole, laughed and yelled, “Someone can’t hold her liquor!”
      A few of the other partygoers laughed and watched the girl pass out on the couch.
      “Hey, I think there’s really something wrong with her. Matter of fact, I’m starting to feel dizzy,” another woman said in a worried voice.
      Horace continued his shit talkin’, “Ya’ll know broads can’t handle they liquor.”
      Mia’s mind raced as she thought about the night’s events.
      First of all, why did that trick just randomly pass out? They can’t even revive her ass. People were only drinking for like an hour. I know I don’t drink anymore but, hell, you can’t get that tore up in an hour. And why the fuck did Gio’s ass leave like that and lock us in???
      Mia watched in horror as five other people experienced the same symptoms. Asshole Horace wasn’t laughing anymore.
      “I’m about to go get some water for everyone,” he yelled.
      He tried the door and flicked off when he realized it was locked.
      “This fuckin’ door is locked! Heeeeyyyyy open this fuckin’ door!”
      I tried to tell you that dumbass.
      Mia thought fast and decided to play the part while she tried to figure out what to do. She faked like she was dizzy and passed out on the floor. She strategically placed her arm over her eye so she could watch the events without being noticed.  Everyone in the room freaked out. Some started screaming and crying as people dropped like flies. Horace was the last one to fall to the ground sobbing and slurring his words as he begged for help. Mia laid still for what seemed like an eternity waiting for someone to come.
      The door opened 28 minutes later and Gio entered with a man and a woman. She watched a middle aged man instruct Gio while the woman walked around the room poking people to make sure they were out cold. She made her way towards Mia but stopped once the older gentleman spoke in a deep voice.
      “Toni, that’s enough. Go grab the carts and load ‘em up.”

Fat Kills

 Interview with K. Reid

1. Where’s home?

Home for me will always be in the Washington Metropolitan Area. I was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Kettering, a small community in Prince George’s County. I attended P.G. County public schools and graduated from Howard University in 2005. I love my community and I will always invest in home no matter where life takes me. This area has made me the person that I am and as a tribute, I plan to always have all of my books set in the P.G. County area.

2. What made you write Fat Kills?

My best friend and I were emailing back and forth one day and I was telling him a funny story that happened to me. He replied to my email and suggested that I write a book. He said he could see the entire story in his mind when he read my email. If it weren’t for his suggestion, I don’t think I would be writing today.

Did you always think you would be a writer?

No, I had no clue that writing was my talent. I’ve always been good at writing term papers for school but never really considered it a hobby. I used to work as an editor for a while but never considered writing.

Why is writing important to you?

Writing has literally saved my life. It’s changed me for the better. The ability to tell a story is a blessing that I will never take for granted. Writing allows you to get your emotions down and truly express yourself. Having that outlet is critical for me.

Why is music important to you?

Music is the soundtrack of our lives. I have always loved music since I was a child and I love how I can hear a song and it takes me back to a certain point in my life. The title of each chapter in Fat Kills is a song that sets the tone of the story. Additionally I have playlists throughout the book. (For my hometown DMV folks, yes there is go-go playlist!) I made all of the playlists on my myspace page so people can really experience Fat Kills on an even deeper level.

What is one thing that you want people to do when they read Fat Kills?

I want readers to know that Fat Kills is more than just a story, it’s an experience. Try to pick apart the layers. While I want to keep people enthralled with a thrilling story, Fat Kills is so much more than entertainment. It’s a lesson on choices and how everything in life has a cause and effect. Fundamentally, we should all treat each other how we want to be treated and not be so focused on the superficial things in life. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy and I believe the characters in Fat Kills, no matter how crazy or deranged they come off, are human and could really be any of us. 

What’s next for K.Reid?

More writing of course! I am currently writing the screenplay for Fat Kills. I’m also pitching a few short screenplays and a cartoon that I wrote last year. I am also pursuing song writing and vocal lessons and music production. I am the co-CEO of Trancend. Event Management & Consulting, an event planning company based in the Metropolitan area.

 Author Contact Information
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Fat Kills