LABW: Most music 2day depends 2much on rhythm beats &bass 2hide the simple plain lyrics. What do u think?



Personal Observation: I think most of the music today depends too much on the rhythm, beats, and bass to hide the simple plain lyrics. Whatever happened to soulful similes’ and heart stopping metaphors. Where is the imagination and the passion? I remember how Marvin Gaye would sing about a cause and move a nation. Now Aretha Franklin demanded her R-E-S-P-E-C-T and even TLC would talk about Red Light Specials and you’d giggle wickedly knowing exactly what they were referring to.
Now the music leaves no room for imagination and rub our faces in the Benjamins they make. There’s no heartbreak unless its done by a baby mama or the stripper taking their dollars.
I really feel for the generation as they see music role models only fighting for a cause when its only because they want to sell more records or talking bad about my brothers and sisters and how they are shiftless Tyrones and Tyronette Gold diggers looking for the next meal.
I know you’re gonna tell me that this person gave money to a good cause or she helped clean up during Hurricane Katrina or even they give a lot of money to urban youths. Now a days I just feel they are just doing it to expose their brand to the ones that don’t know them yet. This hip hop artists are only doing this so when those kids get money in their pocket of their own to spend, they’ll run to the store and buy a brand, not a sound.