EVENT: Valentine’s Day ArtFunFest – 4 The Romantically Challenge Learn to Write


Express Your Love…
Make your own Valentines, Sing Karaoke songs, Write love letters or poems, Watch Live theater rehearsals, Stay for a PG-13 movie, games and prizes!
For The Romantically Challenge Learn to Write Love Letters
Can’t get the creative juices going to write the perfect note on your Valentine’s Day to the one you love?
February 13th @ Noon, I’ll be teaching the Romantically Challenge how to create the perfect love letter or poem that will send your lovers heart swooning.
Mixing metaphors and bringing emotions to life, use a pen to give your Valentine a day to remember forever on paper!
The best thing is that this class and this whole event is FREE!!!
For more information on Valentine’s Day ArtFunFest @ The Virgil Carr Cultural Center 311 E Grand River, in Detroit, Call: 313.965.8430

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