When He Only Wants One Thing – Top 10 Hints… from LABW

As we bring on the New Year and a lot of friends talk about what they don’t have anymore in terms of men and what they are still hanging on with, I’ve combined a lot of theirs and a little of mine together to put together the title of this blog.

WHEN HE ONLY WANTS ONE THING. It’s weird how it only came to ten of them. I really hadn’t planned it. I was watching a couple of sorry men romantic movies (and even in the end some of them didn’t get what they want, but settled.) Got a little mad and for a second, I was pissed at Brian McKnight for making me believe his lies … it was just a second.


creative intimacy no matter what color you are

A blog about my experiences with men and what I feel black women need in order to be loved right.