Author’s Note for the End of 2009

I would have posted sooner for The Mysterious Of Mr. Black, but I was busy trying to stop people from bootlegging my work.

Readers, I know you love and want my work and I do understand some of you cannot pay for it, but as you all know, I am a single mother. I have three big mouths to feed and a household to take care of.

The stories I charge for help me to provide for them.

Don’t steal my work, please. Hell even a small donation will do sometimes or the fact that you encourage others to buy it from me will help out.

The more you encourage new readers, the better it is for me.

I wish I wish I wish could offer all the work for free, but I can’t unfortunately.

If you see my work posted somewhere and you think it’s illegal, please let me know.

I want to wish you all a  very happy New Year and blessings to be highly favored.


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