New Free Book Host: Romance At Heart

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I would like to thank our new host for the free book I have available, Love Like This.

I’m sure you remember this but just in case you haven’t here’s the post.


Available by HTML, Javascript, .mobi (Kindle), Epub,
PDF, LRF (Sony), PDB (Palm) & Paperback

Getting revenge is a dish best served cold.

Angered that his wife would sleep with his brother, Ethan swore revenge.To
his surprise, he becomes involved with the one person his wife never wanted him
to get close to…

… her daughter, Nicole.

Once Ethan leaves his wife penniless and then breaks Nicoles heart his
revenge will be complete.

Too bad Ethan didn’t expect to fall in love with Nicole.

(this ebook is free)

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Anyhoo, I want to thank Romance At Heart for exchanging links with me. We’ve gotten some great hits in the past two days from them and I want to share it all with you as well. Please visit them to show your support and check out other free works (after The Mysterious Mr. Black is finished, LOL).