Author’s Note: The Mysterious Mr. Black

As I wind down from the wonderful dark experience of Xavier Black I feel the depression that takes over me.

I think Xavier came as close to what I have always dreamed about any of my characters being… disturbed, but loveable.

You know I’m always speaking of the Godzilla effect with my men and with this one, he certainly took the cake.

Although a lot of you always crown Jaelen or Lethal the king of that title.

Xavier comes close to my interpretation of Mr. Darcy as possible.

That’s my main influence in this story.

The cold dark ominous -ness of Mr. Darcy weakening only for one.


I think in a way, I’m truly in love with Xavier. I loved slipping into his mind, seeing Jen, loving Jen coming into his own and growing from there.


I should warn new readers, some of the old readers would dread these stand alone, author’s note. Usually they were posted near the end of the story and then the final note in the post would be…

I’m not posting any more.

But you’ve waited almost a whole year for this story and dag-nabit I’m gonna give it to you.

Seriously. The whole story. And I might make this a free one because I know no one would ever published this hot psychological romance. They’d be like does he have to have another personality? Can he be a little nicer? Can he just be bipolar?

Ummm, no and no. Xavier wouldn’t be the cold cruel bastard he was or be able to handle Blaque Heart if he was just bipilor. That’s too predictable. I like this. I like knowing I’m sleeping with two for the price of one. LOL.

I’m glad that I created a person like Xavier Black. He’s wonderful and I’m going to certainly miss him a lot.

BTW, if you’re reading it then I think i’ve answered a lot of your questions and closed off a loto f things.

First off, you should now know why Onyx and Blaque are on the outs.

I don’t think you understand why King is coming to Detroit. well, we all know he’s after Pari, but as to why he’s buying property and so forth.

We’ll talk about that in King’s Paradise.

Now as to close off the book, I know that

1. I have to get them to finally have sex

2. Blaque has to get out of dodge before Onyx catches up, but Blaque can’t leave until she’s assured the job is over – per King’s orders.

3. Got to find a way to heal from the abuse.

4. got to confirm that Jesse is dead.

5. And to confirm the divorce.

6. Jen’s got to tell him about the baby

7. Jen has to decide to leave to town or not.

Am I missing anything?

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  1. I knew you were a Jane Austen type of Girl. Too, too wicked. Your are so right, how is Xavier going to complete the sex act, OMG.

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