The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 39.1

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3 thoughts on “The Mysterious Mr. Black Part 39.1

  1. Hmmm…wonder if Xavier is gonna get so jealous about what almost happened and finish the job. Better for him to have her than Xhan IMO, though I kinda want Jen to run as far away from these looney tunes as possible.

  2. I hope Xavier does see it. I want him to finally feel loved and wanted. Jen is the person to give it to him. I waiting to see what happens next.

  3. Wow!!!! Xhan has it definitely going on!!! But, Jen needs to know the truth about Xavier. Does he really want her to take the money and run??? Or does he want her to stay with him. I wonder what will he do once he realizes her bra and what almost happened with Jen and Xhan.

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