Hitting the big 50K

This weblog is officially two years old in January. I started this back in 2008, but really didn’t start to utilize it until just recently of October 2009.

I was still insistent on paying for a website, when it took a lot of studying and looking at others who utilized weblogs to see the potential of having a blog and a website in the same place was just fantastic.

I want to thank author, Suprina Frazier, for all her help in working with me on understanding how everything works. There’s still a lot of work to come, but she’s been a wonderful test subject for everything.

I’m still tyring to understand the workings of all of it, but I’m learning slowly but surely.

Back to the subject of this post.

Currently, I have 44K who have visited this blog. In my last blog on blogspot, I had hit the 100K, but now I only use it for those that are still subscribed to the RSS feed.

Now I want to use this one and build up the numbers. That’s where you come in.

I’d love love love for you to share me with others and help me hit the 50K by the end of the year.

One month. One month to drive five thousand people to see Sylvia Hubbard.

In the top right had corner, you’ll see the Tell a friend. Tell everyone to come to http://www.SylviaHubbard.com and check out this amazing woman, who just loves to write all day long.

Now I’m not asking you to sell books here. I’m just asking you to drive traffic to my site and make me happy to ring in the new year with 50K visitors to the site.

We can do this. I know you know 100 people who can come over here and take a look at me.

For your reward or even just for reading this post, here is a password to one of the free stories on here.

Now if you’ve already read the story, you make a comment on it that you’ve read it and just maybe I might email you something extra special.


Password for this is:  brandy

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  1. You’re welcome, Sylvia. And THANK YOU for all the help you’ve given me over the years. 🙂

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