New test video of none other than… Me! Let me know what’cha think

This is a test video I have made on Windows Movie Maker. I’m going to make another one with clearer pictures and I found a couple of typos. Just wanted to test it out to see if you like the flow of it.

I didn’t know the Movie Maker software could be so easy to use. I mean even though I have a degree from Specs Howard, my 14 yr old had to teach me a thing or two on digital editing. (I learned the old tape format so I’m used to doing it by hand.)

Anyhoo, I found how to make the first video, Tanner’s Devil with 14yr old in my ear and now I wanted to showcase the majority of my books.

Plus a lot of people as me, Sylvia, what order should I read the books in?

This video will help them, although it doesn’t include all the books.

When I go through to make the final changes, I’ll add all the covers, but I wanted to make sure it made it under the 10 minutes.

This video is only six minutes, but its not just book covers. Some slides have a little of what the books about. (That’s to interest new readers.)

I’d love your opinion of what I should add new, please.

10 thoughts on “New test video of none other than… Me! Let me know what’cha think

  1. Sylvia the video is very nice. I look forward to more book trailers. I know you’ll come up with something out of the box.

  2. I can’t get the trailers to work (either of them). It just shows 00:00 as the time for the showing. Is that the way it’s supposed to look or is there something wrong with the video player??? HELP!!!!!!

  3. thanks for the heads up on the google chrome users (and others).

    Here’s the link for the tanner’s devil video:

    and here’s the link to the new video:

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