New test video of none other than… Me! Let me know what’cha think

This is a test video I have made on Windows Movie Maker. I’m going to make another one with clearer pictures and I found a couple of typos. Just wanted to test it out to see if you like the flow of it.

I didn’t know the Movie Maker software could be so easy to use. I mean even though I have a degree from Specs Howard, my 14 yr old had to teach me a thing or two on digital editing. (I learned the old tape format so I’m used to doing it by hand.)

Anyhoo, I found how to make the first video, Tanner’s Devil with 14yr old in my ear and now I wanted to showcase the majority of my books.

Plus a lot of people as me, Sylvia, what order should I read the books in?

This video will help them, although it doesn’t include all the books.

When I go through to make the final changes, I’ll add all the covers, but I wanted to make sure it made it under the 10 minutes.

This video is only six minutes, but its not just book covers. Some slides have a little of what the books about. (That’s to interest new readers.)

I’d love your opinion of what I should add new, please.

10 thoughts on “New test video of none other than… Me! Let me know what’cha think

  1. Sylvia the video is very nice. I look forward to more book trailers. I know you’ll come up with something out of the box.

  2. It must be me. Because I don’t see the link. CRAP!!!! What am I doing wrong??????

  3. I can’t get the trailers to work (either of them). It just shows 00:00 as the time for the showing. Is that the way it’s supposed to look or is there something wrong with the video player??? HELP!!!!!!

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