All I want 4 Christmas

Getting ready for the Christmas 2009 holiday. Can you really believe this year passed so fast? I don’t!

Oh yeah, it’s that time of year where I never get anything.

Now I know that I’m suppose to focus on ‘the reason for the season’ but since hitting adulthood, i can count on one hand the presents I’ve received.

alright I’ll be realistic… two hands and i’m even doing the counting of scarfs, socks, and the bottle of cheap lotion that made me break out.

I didn’t count the candles, handmade gifts and the recycled gifts the kids like to give me that’s been sitting around the house all year long. Once the baby took a purse out my room, wrapped it in school paper and put it under the tree. the next year she took a half used bottle of my favorite perfume and wrapped it. I looked all over the house for that thing for two weeks and found it on Christmas morning.

anyhoo, since I’m never asked, i decided to still display the fact that I have an Amazon wishlist that i would love for someone – ANYONE – to give me something for.

now in truth, i don’t expect anything. just like the past four decades of my life, i never do, but i just gotta ask, right.

Top of my list:

Digital Camera

Roku digital box

Sony Ericsson Equinox tmobile phone

(no picture available but trust me it’s sweet and perfect just for me)

A case of Dove Body Oil

I’m addicted to this, but also to Carmex Lip Stuff too. Hey, I told you I’m easy to please

Nine West Women’s Rocha Pump,Black Leather,9.5 M US

Yeah, my list is strange. Most of you know I’m a tech freak and then the body oil is just a luxury along with the heels. I want to start on my goal of wearing more heels in 2010 and this will start it off just right. I’d also like a pair of baby jane pumps too, but I won’t push my luck.

To make it even easier, the majority of these items along with other things I’ve desired over the years are on my Amazon Wishlist. So here’s your chance to make a single mother who hasn’t had a vacation in over fourteen years just a little happy.

Go Ahead and Click Here Because You're Nice!

That’s it for now… for now. Thanks in advance if you decide to bequeath me just out the kindness of your heart, because it never hurts to ask.